Abdullah Torun Furniture

More than 50 years in the furniture sector, Abdullah Torun, located between the first brand that comes to mind when called classic furniture.

In 1962, the design furniture sector began today at Ankara Siter’ler headquarters and factory continues production at many dealers.

Original design, work discipline, different designs; With the new varnish and the new fabric, called the best wood in the furniture choices and has become the most preferred names.

Elegance, style, trend, comfort, prestige, quality and employee satisfaction with after-sales policies Abdullah Torun, has strengthened its line of services and products without compromising the sustainability of the sector without any recognition.

Classic and rustic style sofas, sofa, dining room table and talked about often in the wholesale product markets with design Abdullah Torun is among the industry with sophisticated approach at the manufacturing line.

Abdullah Torun, one of the representatives of the art furniture, beautiful models produced from each other, with love of woodworking art, fine workmanship, has written the name of the furniture sector with original designs and unique work.

Abdullah Torun brand without compromising the quality from yesterday to today, trendsetting position in the industry and in furniture making more permanent and day by day Abdullah Torun is moving towards becoming the leading brand…
  • Muradiye Sokak No:18/11 Siteler/ANKARA-TÜRKİYE
  • Tel: +90 (312) 348 75 63 – 349 15 93
  • Fax: +90 (312) 348 75 48