AKSU FURNITURE production started in 1977 with the production of furniture and according to the needs of the consumer today, an area of ​​12,000 m² is served with more than 100 products. AKSU FURNITURE, which is developing parallel to technological development, presents the best quality products to its customers in line with the needs of the models and consumers on the agenda with its contemporary machine park and R & D. With its patented products, AKSU FURNITURE addresses the domestic and foreign markets and is able to reach thousands of people with the maximum quality, minimum price slogan. turkey in the day thousands of people favored by DION FURNITURE every taste and superior quality production while continuing to dazzle with different concepts can be applied to space and updated rapidly developing integrated plant renews itself. In the turkey having an important place in Aksu FURNITURE consumers in the furniture industry is committed to providing the highest quality products and consumer satisfaction. AKSU FURNITURE aims to be the leader of the sector which constantly increases its quality in production due to strict quality system.

Şube: Eski Sanayi 1. Cad. No:83/89 Kocasinan/KAYSERİ
Fabrika: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 5.cadde No:7 KAYSERİ