Akuapol which is one of the leading companies in the polyurethane sector in Turkey has been operating in the modern manufacturing plant over 5,000 m2 in İkitelli, İstanbul with 20 years of industry knowledge and experience.

Polyurethane which is composed of the components of polyol and isocyanate is used in lots of different sectors such as isolation, automotive, medical, furniture and so on because of its durable and flexible structure. Akuapol Polyurethane aims to be the leading company with the special designs and the sensitivity to customer demands in all of these sectors that polyurethane is used.

As Akuapol Polyurethane, the thing that makes us different and leading provider in this area is, to be able to make production in line with customer demands except producing standard products and to have a powerful R&D staff. Our main goal is to pour the dreams of our customers into the mold and to realize them and finally to be a Research and Development base.

The birth of a product in Akuapol begins with the shaping of the model on the customer’s mind. The model is brought from the idea stage to the stage of technical drawings and then moved to the computer using the latest 3D modeling techniques and kept as 3D CAD Drawing. After that, the mold production phase starts. It is continued to the molding stage until it reaches the product that appears in the minds of our customers.

After completion of mold making, the injection of polyurethane into the mold is made our factory that has one of the best machine park in this area. Then the prepared goods are shipped to our customers.

  • Adres:İkitelli Org. San. Böl. Atatürk Bulvarı No:108 B/40 Sürmeli İş Merkezi Arka Giriş Kat Başakşehir İstanbul
  • Tel: +90(212) 671 8096 – 671 8042 – 671 8062 +90(554) 936 5053 (Şirket Gsm)
  • Fax: +90(212) 671 8097
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.apol.com.tr