Çebi, presented its new collection at 2013 ZOW, attracts all the attention

The new lines, Greece, Egypt and Africa concept, that it added up to Empire Collection has been interested as much as the lines before. 5 different products that has been selected was exhibited as 24 grade gold just like before. In addition to that, 2013 modern collection, which has been considered as a success, is in this group. The company increasing the variety of its products continues on its way without sacrificing the customer satisfaction and the originality of itself. Of course, another successful collection is the Joy Series 2013. The line, which is designed with joyful patterns, targets the teenagers and the kids’ colorful worlds. Cebi’s marketing and sale manager Ruşen Keleşoğlu emphasis on the fact that the success and the quality of the company rely on the honest and dedicated team.

The company that launched its three new collections is in front of its consumers with a new identity as well. Cebi Global which was established through the company’s 33 years of experience and expert team, also exhibits it imported products. It targets to add other company into its distributorship that it already has successfully for the past two years with FGV. Colombo, Martinelli ve Dnd brands are the ones we can mention among those companies.

Besides it also bring Confalonieri, and Con & Con brands’ products with Turkish consumers. Italiana Ferramenta, APC brand, Itec are in this group with their successful reputations. Thanks to Çebi Global all of these brands are presented for the Turkish customers.