“Colorful” White Goods from Hafele

White goods are no longer white only! Hafele’s new line Franke Trendline Vintage brings a “colorful” point of view to the white goods with its cream and maroon fridegator, cowl, stove and owen by combining the most beautiful details of the past.

Refrigerators, stoves, oven and cowls. The perfect harmony of refrigerator, stove, oven and cowls gives breeze of vintage with its options of maroon and cream. Franke Trendline Vintage series, produced by same designs and same colors, provide a visual integrity for kitchen with all the details of the past.

Trendline coolers, that can be used in small areas thanks to its 60 cm wide, save expenses % 40 more than the A class products as A++ class product. The complemantary cowl of the same series 90 cm Trendline Vintage helps to destroy the smell of the food in the kitchens thanks to its 140w engine power and 530m3 high suction power.

Except the coolers and the cowls, there are also maroon and cream stoves and ovens that complete the nostalgic smartness at your home. Trendline Vintage series’ ovens that have 7 cooking programs such as grill, defreezing, do not comprimise any details with their designs that are completed with analog timers. Trendline Vintage ovens provide the possiblity to bake large molds thanks to its 59 liters of volume. On the Trendline Vintage stoves, 75 cm with its 5 parts, the pans can be moved easily, besides the iron grills’ gas security clip that cuts the gas immediately in case of fire gone, provides the security whereas the electronical firing feature provide the control easy by the button.

Häfele, providing products that responds the needs of the customers with its designs and products thanks to its 88 year-experience-and-trustworthiness, targets to provide sufficient and fast service with its stores in centers of İstanbul, such as Yukarı Dudullu. Hafele that serves furniture,door accessories and installations in Turkish market, provides the first hand solutions that can answer business partners’ needs with its range variety of product which is more than 100 thousands.