Conference On Timberlands, Forest Products Processing and Energy Issues for 2014

It’s been announced that Wood Resources International and the Western Forestry and Conservation Association are organizing a conference together on January 23, 2014 titled: “Mapping the Course – Timberlands, Forest Products Processing and Energy Issues for 2014”. The conference will be held at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA, located close to Portland, Oregons’s airport.

It’s a one-day conference for in-depth discussions and analysis on forest products market challenges, opportunities, threats and issues in Western North America for 2014 and beyond. Industry experts and analysts from the US and Canada will address topics such as:

 – Strategic issues for timberland owners in 2014.

 – Where will the wood come from? Timber supply in the US Northwest and beyond.

 – Perspectives from the paper, lumber and biomass sectors in Western North America.

 – Looking ahead: Issues in the pellet sector.

 – Evolving lumber economics and wood quality in British Columbia.

 – Navigating the export landscape: China in 2014 and beyond.

 – Follow the money: Investor strategies in the timberlands, processing and energy sectors.

– Global market drivers affecting Western US and Western Canada

 For the full program and to register, you can check the Western Forest Industry Conference 2014 online at