Cooling & Warming Drawers

Where to put your heat-sensitive cosmetic products? A lockable mini-refrigerator for the bathroom, or the lipstick in the kitchen between the sausage and cheese?
 What if you need a warming space for your stuff? Can you use your oven as storage? We can do better than that!

With the new cooling drawer from GRONBACH you can keep all your cosmetic products hygienically stored and properly cooled. As the leading manufacturer of warming drawers, GRONBACH also offers a unique modular design that reduces the development period and saves costs.

The cooling drawer can be retro fitted and installed just like any conventional drawer. You can also use the fronts of your own furniture, allowing the cooling drawer to fit perfectly in every room design. The inside is dirt-resistant and easy to clean, thanks to the anodized surfaces, and provides enough space for all standard packaging sizes. Optional: A lockable lid prevents unwelcome access. Individually for OEM customers GRONBACH fits the cooling drawer in terms of dimension and the design to the particular appliances or furniture line. No matter how hot next summer will be: in the drawer with an integrated cooling function, your lipsticks, creams, eyeliners and medicines will be stored best possible.


And when it comes to warming drawers, GRONBACH gives its customers the opportunity to decide the frontal design! The company supplies made-to-measure kitchen design solutions, from aluminium fronts through polished stainless steel to glass and wood fronts. Warming drawers are equipped with a fan heater as well as a heatable glass plate. According to your wishes, the heating strips can be visible as a design feature or you can opt for a single-colored or transparent glass heating plate. The Basic Line versions are equipped with a fan heater and are fitted with high-quality polished stainless steel bottoms.


GRONBACH has specialised in refining metal surfaces and has been one of the most progressive companies in the field of metalworking, anodizing and powder coating for decades. With sites in Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovakia, the company is represented throughout Europe as a framework partner and leading subcontractor.