Decorating with Feng Shui

With its five thousand years of history, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching, which literally means “wind” and “water”. It’s a philosophy that puts a great deal of stock in living in harmony with nature, and states that land is alive and brimming with energy. Today, Feng Shui teachings are being used in interior design and decoration, and when it’s applied under the guidance of experts, it can bring success, health, wealth, happiness, positive energy and good luck to our lives.

The five elements of Feng Shui are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. On a large scale in the universe as well as on a small scale, everything around us is based on these five elements. If we go deeper, the human body also consists of five elements. Our arms, our legs and pelvis in the body are represented by the tree element. For example, if you are experiencing health problems related to these organs, east and southeast areas of your home should be carefully examined. Therefore, it’s important that these five elements are harmonious and balanced in our homes and work places so that we can reach our goals without stumbling in life. The practice Feng Shui, which is the key to a better life, is a philosophy of great mathematics itself.

Meral Akçay, an architect who believes in the importance of Feng Shui in the interior design and decoration, explains this philosophy with her own words; “Today, the excitement of including and applying this philosophy to the many projects that I’m doing excites me even more! Because it’s not only creating comfort to people’s lives as a professional but also touching their lives with this method makes me feel like a fairy with a magic wand. My friends who are working with me and have no idea what Feng Shui really is, usually consider Feng Shui as a superstition. But once I explain them in details with specific examples and especially once they witness how it really works after we complete the project, they truly understand the meaning and art of Feng Shui and amazed at its benefits.” As an educated expert, Meral Akçay tells that she immediately observes the balance or imbalance of five elements and says; “Although the basic of Feng Shui is five elements, it’s also very important that they are in balance and harmony with each other.

1 Meral Akçay

If you miss the ratio of the salt that you are adding to a dish, you can waste all the efforts you may have spent. Just like that, if there’s more tree element in a work place, then it’s quite possible that those people who work there can fight with each other so easily and anger becomes inevitable. Other than it’s affects on the spaces, the tree element also emphasis on the personalities.”


Feng Shui expert Zeynep Akçay who had training at the world wide famous Master Academy in Malesia, explains the use of wood in spaces as representing the tree element and says; “Wood element is a perfect tool to reflect the harmony of nature in the spaces. While applying it in our projects with the help of Feng Shui, we use it as a development support in the compass area of people living in that space. In these areas, the wooden elements create harmony between family members, increase association and also provide a major contribution to the health. The southeast location of a space (representing wealth, riches area) is governed by elements of the tree again.


This area of the venues also should be activated with wood furniture or plants. To summarize, the application of each element in the spaces is of great importance in the balance. Wood amount in excess used in spaces can create negativity between people. If there is too much wooden furniture used in one space, we can find balance by adding fire element.


Using wood in spaces is an attractive energy in terms of architecture, and as in terms of Feng Shui, it creates a development energy.”


Zeynep Akçay who offers individual and corporate consulting services, is the first expert who brought “Online Feng Shui” to Turkey. She founded the Academy of Feng Shui and it can be reached at .