Distribution Profile

Forest Products Retail Dealers, Resellers (Including; Business owners and selling points for MDF, chipboard, OSM, playwood, Parquet Flooring, Furniture, Interior Design Products), Practitioners 30%
Furniture Manufacturers, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers and Craftsman 30%

Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Companies, Contractors 15%

Forest Products Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter Companies 10%

Hardware stores 10%

Forestry and Furnishing Products Machinery, Hand Equipments Manufacturers, Importer and Dealer Organizations 3%

Sector Associations 2%

Journal of Forest Industry Businessmen is published monthly, 12 times a year and distributed free of charge via PTT (Turkish postal service) with the above percentages.

White Paper

ORSIAD Journal

ORSIAD, the Journal of Forest Industry Businessmen, a monthly publication for forest industry is distributed free of charge. Following the latest developments in forest industry, ORSIAD informs its readers with accurate knowledge. ORSIAD is the one and only newspaper that gives detailed information on the latest developments and yet distributed free of charge.

ORSIAD Journal, aims to inform its readers about everything related with the forest industry, while creating a communication bridge between producers and sellers in the industry.

In ORSIAD Journal, you can find detailed information on a new product, event or a company that’s related with the forest industry. ORSIAD offers a direct communication for the people in the industry with its target-oriented content.

Based on a special agreement with Turkish Postal Service PTT, ORSIAD is distributed free of charge to all businessmen in the industry.

ORSIAD is distributed to all forest products manufacturers (MDF, chipboard, HDF, PLAYWOOD, FLOORING, PARTICLE BOARD, etc.) in Turkey, wholesalers, retailers, furniture manufacturers, interior designers, parquet producers, carpenters, purchasing managers in hotels and hospitals, and so on!

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ORSIAD Journal