Floor Art From Random Wood Pieces

Alexey Steshak is a mad decorator who creates WOW projects with his own hands. One of these interesting projects is a floor with flying birds design, made out of random wood pieces.


Artist Alexey Steshak is living in Altay Republic, Russia. He’s famous for his interesting design projects that he makes with his own hands and whatever material is available around. The Hardwood Floor with Ceramic Birds is a floor project he has done for a beauty salon made out of random wood pieces.


I work in different spheres of art. It may be mosaic, interior design, modelling and others. If I can’t find something what I like, I create it” says Alexey Steshak and continues to talk about the floor he has done for a beauty salon:I have been dreaming of creating such a floor for many years. And finally, my dream came true. The total floor area is 56 sq. m. It took me five months to make it, and I worked seven days a week. I started on October 22nd, 2016 and finished on March 22nd, 2017. This period does not include the time for the material preparing and drying. I used wind-fallen trees, some cut trees left after the fruit orchards thinning, and some trees were just brought by my friends. In the end, I had 40 bags of small wood pieces. So, I had such type of wood as: oak, Manchurian walnut, apricot tree, apple tree, pear tree, karagach, ash, birch, ash-tree maple, American walnut, cherry tree, larch, rowan and a little mahogany. The wood used for the tree” is maple, birch, pine, larch, American cherry, pear, cherry, oak. For the background I have used apple, pear, apricot, Manchurian walnut, mahogany, oak, Siberian, Ukrainian oak, Hungarian beech, ash. I put the 10 mm plywood on a flat concrete subfloor and then glued the wood blocks on it. After the whole wooden part of the floor was ready, I started making the birds”. I used broken ceramic tiles for that purpose. Despite it was a long and very laborious process, it was a great pleasure for me, and I’ve never regretted that I started it. I love my job and I’m happy that I can come up with and implement such projects on my own.