Floor Industry’s Most Prestigious Award: Diamond Stairs

As an active working member of floor industry for many years, I am proud and happy to share the news of “Diamond Stairs”! It is not only the need of the industry but also the most prestigious one in the rewarding system of the sector!


The industry is getting ready to find the answer of below question on November 8th, 2013:

Which one is the best?


All companies in the industry have argued that the answer is “themselves” or “their product” with different promotions and presentations to the customers for years…

But now there is a way to prove and document the answer!

Diamond Stairs Award Logo.


Starting from the date of 8th. November.2013, the companies will be able to print this logo on their “most popular” and “the best” products and share this most prestigious award’s certificate with their sales people and dealers.

You might have several questions like; How the reward system will work out, how the companies will attend the competition, who the organizers are behind this award, what categories will be included etc. Here are the answers and explanations to all:


What categories are included this year’s competition?








How to attend the competition?


According to their own choice, companies will be able to compete with at least 2 and a maximum of 8 items/products.


How to vote for the competition?


Voting will be done via the Internet and our website.


Who’s organizing this event?


This award system organization is a joint work of the two companies: Deutsche Messe Worldwide – Honnover Messe International Istanbul LTD ŞTİ and GET Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. LTD – ORSİAD Journal.


What are the prizes?


Among the prizes, the most meaningful and perhaps the most important one for the winner would be the “Diamond Stairs Award Logo” and the privileges it will bring to the product and company who has won it! For one year period, the winner will be able to print the logo on the winning product which can be used as a reference in correspondence of national and international companies, as well as the winner company will be able to share the certificate with its dealers and sales teams, which will put them one step ahead of the game immediately!

Diamond Stairs Award is the accurate proof of being certified as the “best”!

For other awards that will be announced on the finals night, I would suggest to wait patiently but also get excited for big surprises!


And how will be the website?


All works will be both in English and Turkish.

With a total of 5 categories, voting system will be an application that makes it possible to select the best products.

Specified categories of exhibitors who will attend the competition and be a part of voting, will  be added to the administration panel by us. (Candidate companies will only select their products to take place and send us images)

There will be information about the Diamond Stairs on the first page.

Also on the first page, we will display “the first four candidates that received the most votes” of each category.

All of the displayed pages in windows will have Facebook, Twitter, Gplus buttons with sharing options, and when wanted, the company’s voting page link will be easily shared. And of course, by this way, the participating companies, will be able to promote their prdoucts in social media, while sharing the news that would bring more support and appreciation!

A small window of each candidate’s page will display the total number of votes up to date, but close to the final days, the information will be removed in order to increase the excitement and mystery.


Candidate Company’s Details Page


On the candidate company’s details page, there will be a general visual image supplied by the company with company’s logo and informative promotional text about the company.

This page will also be able to shared via social networking sites.

According to their own choice, companies will be able to compete with at least 2 and a maximum of 8 items/products.

The voting will be done automatically when hit the voting button.

“Click here to vote” button is available with written statement.

A person may vote 1 time a day for a company’s products. But the next day, he/she can continue to vote again for the same or different products of the same company or others.

On the company’s details page, the results of the voting will not appear, but right after voting, a link to the page will appear saying “You have voted for this company” and a connection to the other candidates in the same category will be available.

By clicking on the product image shown on the screen, the image will get bigger and that function will make it easier for introducing the product and market on an international platform.

We will let you know about the aspects and sizes of the images, logos and texts that would be submitted. We would kindly request the information texts in both languages as in Turkish and English but if not available, we will be happy to offer help.

When clicked on the company logo, a new window to be linked to the company website would be available.

The company’s total votes will appear on its details page and by the way everybody will be able to review the most prefered product.