FN Acustico HEXAGO – hexagonal acoustic elements

With this unusual wall decoration, you can bring the walls to life and create an individual atmosphere in any room in just a few simple steps. Less or more, symmetrical or asymmetrical, tightly or loosely arranged. Unpack, stick on, done.

It’s wonderful to be able to create oases of calm in your own home or other places. Reverberation-reducing, sound-absorbing elements, deliberately placed on the walls, can work wonders. One way to do this is to use the “FN Acustico HEXAGO” hexagonal acoustic elements.

Design: The hexagonal shape of these reverberation-reducing elements provides scope for an almost infinite number of possibilities for arranging the elements in relation to each other on the wall and thus for an individual design of the room. Numerous decors and colours of the surfaces additionally extend the possibility of individualisation by combining different decors on the wall.

Structure: The product consists of approx. 9 mm thick polyester felt. The beautiful look is created with MDF slats, which are in turn covered with decorative foils or real wood veneers.


Function: This product has two functions. One is to beautify the room and is purely decorative.

The second function is to reduce reverberation. Sound waves emitted by noise sources hit the product. The PET felt in particular absorbs these waves and deflects them through its construction

as a tangled fibre network, so that some of them get lost in the felt and cannot be reflected again.

This reduces the room reverberation and makes the room seem quieter.


Assembly: The hexagonal elements are simply glued to the wall with assembly adhesive in the

the arrangement that corresponds to personal design preferences.





FN Wally ZEBRA – decorative wall cladding

Set beautiful accents or cover entire walls: FN Wally ZEBRA made of the derived timber product MDF convinces with its elegant-modern lamella look and the simple and quick installation.

What’s more, FN Wally ZEBRA is an inexpensive alternative to acoustic panels.


Product: The innovative wall cladding made of black MDF is available with different surfaces – trendy with haptic or decorative foil, classically elegant with real wood veneer.

By milling out strips from the decor surface, the black MDF underneath appears and the slatted look is created.






Mounting: For a clean and visually flawless result, it is essential to carefully set up the first slat with the spirit level. The profile is simply fixed to the wall with mounting adhesive. A slight overhang on

one side on the long side of the profile ensures overlapping and therefore a clean joint on the subsequent profile.


Decorative wall design is thus quickly and easily possible for everyone. With FN Wally Zebra, walls become pieces of jewellery!