Furnishers will furnish the world in 2023

Furniture sector will aim and target to furnish the world with Turkish brands in 2023.

Bülent Aymens (the Manager of Board of Furniture R&D Project Market –MAPP-) indicated that it is the first time they organie this competition to move the sector forward and add, ‘we will focus on R&D just like the countries France and Germany and keep up with them.’

While all of the sectors focus on 2023 targets in Turkey, furniture industrialists initialized the same thing as well.  The representatives of the sector meet under the initiatives of Assembly of Exporter of Turkey  (TIM) started the competition of MAPP in order to highlight the innovations and R&D in the furniture sector. Bülent Aymen, Mediterreanian Exporter Union and MAPP Manager of Board said, “R&D Project Market Competition, deadline of application 22nd March, will bring the aims of the furniture sector.” Along with the exporter assemblies, civic organizations such as MOSDER, MAKSDER, OMSIAD, MUDER and various companies support the MAPP and there will be categories for students, entrepreneurs, and academicians. In each category the winners will have 10 thousand, the seconds will have 5 thousands and the thirds will have 2.5 thousands TL as the prize.


The export target is 10 billion Dollars.

“World furniture export is almost $150 billions and China has the most of the share where as Turkey is the 21st in the list. As Turkey we aim to be the 12th country in this list in 2023.” Aymen asserted “ as sector they aimed to increase the export in the 100th anniversary of the Republic to 10 billlions which is 12 billions $ in 2012 and increase the employee number 750 thousand from 500 thousand.

%100 Turkish

“We have a highly valuable furniture sector that is using %100 of Turkish  product. ın the Turkish furniture industry generally we have little  workshops. The factory made production forms the %20 of the total production. We try to increase this number and furnish the all world with Tukey made products in 2023.” Aymen remarked “ the furniture sector’s first 10 exporting markets are Iraq, Libya, along with Germany, France, and Netherlands. We can definetly reach more easily new markets with the support of MAPP. Aymen emphasizes on the importance of the R&D to sectoral development and creation of new brands, claims “only first 10 companies can to R&D which mean only %0.1 in GSMH whereas we want to increase it %5. By this, we can move forward to our targets more easily. Right now, four of our companies are becoming a worldwide brands our target is to create the worldwide-famous brands. We are not inspired by China, we look up to France, Germany. While these countries increase their export rates with R&D and designs we will do the same thing with our MAPP.

Beside Turkey’s furniture prices are 3.7 per kg whereas it is 7$ per kg in France and Italy. We plan to have our place by increasing the exporting by using high technology and R&D just like Italy.”

“Angel Investors” will own the projects.

Another concept in the MAPP, along with the all production line, company structure, furniture textile, floor installations, mechatronics and smart applications is the “angel investors”. ın this projects owner of the projects will have a chance to contact face to face with the potential investors. There will be TV programs about the issue and there will be city representatives in Mersin, Kayseri, Istanbul, Inegol and Ankara.