Future of Flooring Forum

As it is known, Turkey is becoming more and more important in the flooring industry with each passing day. In 2012, Turkey ranked as the second among the countries produce parquet flooring in the world and continued to create more gap between its competitors while getting bigger. By this means, some experts consider Turkey holding the title of best-selling country in Middle East and Africa when it comes to hardwood sector. As a result of this development, organizing a forum about the future of flooring industry here in Turkey, has been a necessity for the global flooring industry! Therefore as ORSIAD journal, a young but focused and committed publication of the industry, in coorperation Domotex Middle East Exhibition, organized by Hannover-Messe International, we have decided to set the topic of the forum as the “Outlook Of Global Parquet Flooring Industry”. ZGF 2013The Future of Flooring Forum will be held for the second time this year and will take place on 8th of November, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Information on the conference details are as follows:

Date and place of the forum

The forum which will take place again this year in Istanbul’s CNR Expo Center as a part of the Domotex Middle East Expo, on 8th. November.2013 at 1.30 pm, is a free event and open to public.

Topic & theme of the forum

The topic of the forum is decided as the “Outlook Of Global Parquet Flooring Industry”. The main theme will be discussed under this topic and, the speakers with the moderator of the forum depending on the situation will consider subtopics. Audience will have the opportunity to ask questions at the forum. Recommended subtopics are;

a) Sustainable Production,

b) Sustainable Employment,

c) The future of the industry.

Forum’s speakers

The most important criteria for choosing our speakers has been the related experience and knowledge of their own sector. What makes this forum different than others is that our speakers currently exist in the industry with great knowledge and they are well respected experts of their own sectors. There will be 6 speakers and 1 moderator taking place in this forum.

Length of the forum

Total duration of the forum is considered to be 100 minutes.

Participating the forum

Participating the forum is for free. But in order to avoid the over crowd, reservation is necessary in advance. For this purpose, you can visit our website at http://www.orsiad.com.tr/en/zgf-eng

Organizers of the forum

The organization of the ZGF 2013 (The Future of Flooring Forum) is a joint work of the two companies: Deutsche Messe Worldwide – Honnover Messe International Istanbul LTD ŞTİ and GET Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. LTD – ORSİAD Journal.