“Great Numbers, Great Value” by FGV

Following the new slogan “Great Numbers, Great Value”, FGV aims to be a leader company by providing reliable and valid quality standards.

Several other marketing activities are carried out to support a series of real solutions expressly developed to allow furniture industry, hardware distributors and retailers to increase their penetration portions and regain the competitiveness imposed by the present market situation. This is made possible thanks to the constant and right investments in R&D, new products and equipments, to a planned growth of volumes and turnovers, and to a commercial aggressiveness typical of their history in addition to economies of scale connected to big volume production that only a Group like Formenti & Giovenzana and their optimization of production allocated in 6 different plants is able to put forward.

The result is an FGV leadership in the field and a natural choice for those customers looking for competitive products with reliable and valid quality standards. In a world characterized by a quick changes it is important to keep up with the times and constantly understand the customers expectations to promptly adapt the Company structure and the products and services offer to the new conditions.

DOMINO SlowMotion

FGV is ready to demonstrate their interpretation of this evolution and at the same time to gather at an overall level new expectations and requirements to project into the future. Some of the latest products include Aero lifter systems, the Domino System and Unibox.


AeroBus – Better access, Better design

Modern kitchen design is linear and minimalist. Aero lifter systems are the affordable up-to-date solutions for modern furniture design ensuring access in one gesture to the full space of wall hanging cabinets. Aero line offers a wide choice of solutions: The new AeroBus, AeroLoft, AeroSplit, AeroWing, AeroFlap, AeroLift.


DOMINO Better Access, Better Living

The Domino system for a sliding door full range of applications is affected by interesting improvements with particular regard to right solutions at right prices.

SlowMotionDomino technology for a new optional damper for inner and outer doors available for sales. Non-invasive solution with high level performance for a sliding doors modern application.


Unibox – Metal drawer with integrated damping

Uniset is the long-standing affordable single wall drawer system of FGV. This simple and basic solution is now evolving to a double wall quality drawer system: the Unibox. Unibox is the innovative practical and versatile double wall metal drawer designed by FGV for setting a medium level metal drawer application in 5

depths and H85 height.