Hevin Mobilya

Ozpinar Trading and Marketing Ltd. Co. started furniture manufacturing in the brand name of “Hevin” in 2005; after analyzing customer demands and accomplishing infrastructure work to establish a cutting-edge technological facility during its sales-marketing years between 1989 and 2005.

Hevin manufactures bedroom, dining room, youth room, avant-garde and modern sitting groups furniture on 27000 m2 area by considering authenticity, durability, esthetics and ergonomics even for the smallest part of the furniture to increase indoor esthetics and comfort of the customers’ who resides in the center of all effort and interest of company.

Hevin had accomplished combining all the production steps in its own facility to ensure the maximum quality and customer satisfaction. All of the designs are prepared in R&D departments, all of the furnishing fabrics are sewed by experienced operators in full automatic machines, metal and wooden frames are sized, cut and welded by frame team, panel furniture woods are paint in full automatic paint machine that is decontaminated from external affects like dirt, other wooden products are paint in painting rooms with waterfall-type decontamination system against external affects, even the cardboards and laminated bubble packings are provided raw and becomes box in our facility.

Hevin, that respects human and nature by its quality policy, always prefers first class and non-hazardous raw materials to be processed in its production facility that uses high-technological machines of 21st century. All of the production process and final products are monitored and tested by QA department considering ISO 9001 and TSE standards before packing. Hevin pay utmost attention on packing to provide products as perfect as they left the factory even for the farthermost customers.

These products, that are the best representatives of Hevin quality and services, has reached not only to Turkish customer via many domestic showroom but also to Greece, Romania, Estonia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria by increasing the market share day by day.


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