High-quality coating of beveled edges on flooring panels

Since its launch in 2006, the TransferDisc technology based on patented machine from Välinge and commercialized by the German company Schiele has met a great success on the flooring market worldwide.

With over 100 units sold worldwide, Schiele’s TransferDisc is widely spread within the laminate flooring industry in Europe, Asia and North America. The technology is today also used on other flooring products, such as parquet and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), as well as for doors and furniture products. Based on a robust principle (coating is transferred from an angled metal disc to the bevel of the product), this precise technique enables a very efficient coating of beveled edge products with an outstanding finish.

The TransferDisc machine can be positioned as a milling tool, in traditional profiling machines, and can keep up with high speed lines up to 160 m/min. Different angles and sizes of bevels or decorative grooves can be handled with the same coating unit. The equipment is supporting all traditional lacquer systems, such as waterborne lacquers, water-UV, oil or solvent based products. Moreover, the small amount of lacquer in circulation (0.5 liter of paint) makes color changes very easy and down-times are minimized (15 minutes for a complete line (4-sides) color change).

Coating thickness is fine-tuned by the pressure of a brass wiper blade, adjusted in 1/100 mm increments. Due to the precise and uniform layer of applied paint, the quality and look of the coated bevels and decorative grooves are brilliant. For a unique finish, a center bevel can also be applied on the cross-line. In addition to the visual benefits, the high precision application of the paint on the defined bevel or edge offers as well a range of technical benefits. Preventing the paint to be applied on the mechanical locking surface contributes among others to reduce the risk of color chipping and the risks of squeaking sound that may otherwise appear. This unrivaled combination of accuracy, flexibility and robustness enables the TransferDisc to have maximized equipment availability in comparison with other solutions that may be available on the market.

We are proud to see that the TransferDisc technology is now widely used in the laminate and the wood flooring industry. Lately, we have seen growing interest for center bevels and we are therefore offering solution with center coating unit for manufacturing such cross-line center bevels and decorative grooves. Further developments are in the pipeline to enable, among others, the coating of center bevels lengthwise.” says Stefan Schiele, CEO of SCHIELE Maschinenbau GmbH.

In addition to bevel coating, the TransferDisc is also frequently used for edge sealing on wood flooring products. A water-based colorless sealer is accurately applied with the TransferDisc on the vertical surface of the short side in order to seal that surface and prevent liquids from penetrating the joint. The use of the TransferDisc is therefore not limited to decorative features. This equipment appears to be the best choice for any kind of liquid that should be applied with high precision.