“Horst Rudolph, ZOW sheds light on the future of …”

We will stick to our concept, however we will measure the 2013 edition closely and follow the advise of our exhibitors to present an even more market oriented event.

Could you please tell us about your company and organisation?
Clarion Events TR is a daughter of Clarion Events Germany, a member of the Clarion
Events group in London. We are specialized in trade shows, conferences and confexes.

As ZOW, what are your opinions about Turkish market?
In “Europe” at the moment we use only 3 stabile and growing markets; Germany, Russia and Turkey. As we consider Istanbul to be the gateway to Eurasia and parts of Africa, this is a very important market for our exhibitors.

If you compare ZOW Istanbul and ZOW Bad Salzuflen, what are the differences besides visitor profile?
The core parts of the ZOW concepts are the same in all our markets: the concentration on the product, on innovation and on the surrounding markets. We see our exhibitors as partners and work very close with them on our marketing strategies. We see our visitors as guests therefore parking, entrance, catalogue and catering services are free. The ambiance of the event varies by the local culture we are in. You can see this in our catering areas and our advertisements.

What is your plan for 2014, any investments planned in Turkey?
We do not have any concrete plans. We are talking to different organizers, but no concrete
actions are planned.

What shall we expect about ZOW 2014, any suprises?
No surprises. ZOW is very reliable. We will stick to our concept, however we will measure the 2013 edition closely and follow the advise of our exhibitors to present an even more market oriented event.

Anything you would like to add?
I would like to add that I have seen a very good first day of our show. The change of the date was a major challange for our team and the market. Of course -in a situation like this- you’ll always see “Early adapters” and “Followers”. In this 5th edition we are surrounded by “Early Adapters” -companies that are hungry for new markets and opportunities. Companies who believe in the “ZOW” concept and who are leading their market segments. I would like to thank all our exhibitors (partners) for their trust. I am confident, that the result of this year’s show will prove them that they took the right decision to exhibit at ZOW. Turkish

Iwould like to thank all of our exhibitors and visitors for participating to ZOW
2013, I hope tosee all our guest next year again.

Horst Rudolph / Managing Director