If it is closed slowly and quietly then it is Hafele!

Hafele, the leader of furniture, door installations and accessories, provides performance and aesthetics to living areas with its innovative and “age-catcher” products.

Häfele,  brings new dynamics to living areas thank to its installations that slows down the closing and opening of the drawers’ and cupboards’ covers. The feeling of the comfort of the new and upgraded technology exists even in the most modest houses.


Up-cover systems for slowly and quietly closing covers

Quiet motion, advanced technology…

Häfele shows its technological power with its wood and aluminium framed, electronically installed, motion remote controlled, quietly closed integrated slow-closing for up-folding covers!

For the quietly and slowly closing cupboard covers DUOMATIC PREMIUM HINGE

Maximized funtionality, fancy outlook…

One of the stars of the world of quietly closing, Duomatic Premium is the first and the favourite one of the sector. It dazzles becuse of its simple and fancy look along with its functionality, ideal solutions for different angle of covers and its integrated slowing function.

Drawer Systems MOOVIT for slowly and quietly closing drawers.

Modular design, perfect match…

Moovit modular drawers can be fixed into all types of areas and furniture thanks to its innovative design. Maximized carriage capacity, decorative frames, fully open characteristic, usage area, fast installation and dismantling solutions, it is a new  revolution in the living areas and the furniture!


Slowing mechanisms for quiet and slow closing, slippery covers, SMUSO

Comfort in the rooms, advantage for  the using area

Häfele’s new brand Smuso is a unique product with its usage area in 2-80 kg door weight,  doors and covers of every type in achitecture and furniture. Beside the fact that it provides safe and quiet environment it easen up the working mechanism of the slippery doors. It is a detail that increases the comfort of the living area and easen up the life because it requires less power to close or open the doors.

 If a drawer or cuoboard cover is opened or closed easyly with a little touch and :

–         The things in it do not move because of the vibration

–         Kids’ hands are not stuck in between and the risk of harming is minimum

–         Covers do not stay open or are not forgotten

–         Drawers and covers are not broken because of the hit

–         The materials inside the drawers and cupboard are no longer dusty becuase the cover is open,

–         There is no more noise of the hit of cover and drawer any more, then it is..



Häfele, providing products that responds the needs of the customers with its designs and products thanks to its 88 year-experience-and-trustworthiness, targets to provide sufficient and fast service  with its  stores in centers of İstanbul, such as Yukarı Dudullu. Hafele that serves furniture,door accessories and installations in Turkish market, provides the first hand solutions that can answer business partners’ needs with its range variety of product which is more than 100 thousands.