Inegol Furniture Grows with IMOS

Established in 2010, Inegol Furniture Manufacturers Association (IMOS), has been working to create the brand ‘Inegol Furniture’ by carrying out the work at national and international platforms. Within the International Competitiveness Development Project that’s supported by the Ministry of Economy in Turkey, the association continues its work in the areas of training, promotion and marketing while targeting to make more contribution to the national economy. IMOS Chairman Mustafa Akyol answered the questions of our journal ORSIAD.

ORSIAD: Can you please evaluate the furniture industry in general in 2013?

“Even though a recession in the domestic market was experienced, the exports continued to increase in 2013. While Turkey’s furniture industry grew by 11%, we, Inegol Furnishers also have seen growth as a parallel to this growth. Because of the political issues in the area, our sales in the busy markets of Middle Eastern countries have decreased compared to past years, and yet we have still managed to increase our market share in Iraq, Germany, France, Turkmenistan, Russia, Libya and Azerbaijan. Turkey’s furniture exports went up to more than  $ 2 billion in 2013 from a level of $ 1.85 billion in 2012. When we compare 2012 with 2013, we can say that our exports as Inegol Furnishers have increased around 10-15 % and reached over 300 million dollars.

Increasing competition in the domestic market with each passing day, and the furniture production that started in about 60 provinces of Turkey are the reasons that cause narrowing our market. While supply is increasing each day, the demand does not increase at the same rate, and therefore the pie is divided into smaller pieces which can not make anyone happy. The way to overcome this problem is going trough branding.”

ORSIAD: What are your expectations from the year 2014?

“We think the contraction in the domestic market will continue and exporting will become an essential solution for the companies. However, this option comes with an issue: We have to diversify our export markets. Turkey has become more popular in the manufacture of furniture with each passing day. Our production lines are hot products for both in quality and design. We need to introduce our country and our furniture in more platforms and should overcome the problems experienced in the export markets. The trade on the domestic market has also become much more difficult with the changing laws. So to speak, all our producers turned into tightrope walkers. The products need to be sold, but collecting money is intimidating. For this reason, regarding domestic sales, financial analysis and risk reports of customers shall be well prepared, we should act by following the right in the domestic market.”

ORSIAD: What are the projects of IMOS for 2014?

“As you know, our association is conducting International Competitiveness Development Project that’s supported by the Ministry of Economy in Turkey. Our goals with this project are to ensure the diversification of export markets and our members to act together to increase our competitiveness in the international arena. There are 20 companies acting together with us in our first project. In 2014, we will present our second project to the ministry. Our goal is to make more of our members benefit from this support.

In addition, we continue our training programs and consulting activities. We will continue our educational activities that renew the information and create new visions for both of our employees and employers.”