Inside Biesse 2019: the unmissable appointment with the digital factory

A 5,000 square metre showroom where the latest trends in the wood industry can be discovered, with over 40 digital machines, software and services to give life and shape the interconnected and automated businesses of the clients… From 3rd to 5th October, the Biesse Campus in Pesaro opened the doors to innovation for the traditional Inside Biesse autumn event, the awaited date that confirms and strengthens Biesse’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to automate and revolutionise production methods.


The factory of the future is a reality where man’s creative mind meets the infinite capabilities of the machine: the winning partnership that is taking shape between the two offers a host of opportunities and advantages connected to robotisation and the digital factory. Thanks to their alliance and Biesse’s passion, production becomes interconnected and completely automated: all this is AutomAction. This concept guides the creation of the digitised factory in large industrialised plants and represents the key to strengthening and increasing the production performance for large industry.


SmartAction was conceived alongside the concept of AutomAction, it’s a new technological trend within the reach of every production reality, even small ones. The new SmartAction concept differs from AutomAction in that it is aimed at companies intending to look at digitalisation for the first time: it makes it possible to create a compact, connected and accessible factory, offering this opportunity to small and medium-sized companies that want to become more competitive in the market. Through the application of all the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, the machines are connected in real time and guarantee fast and optimised production. At the Inside Biesse event, we found out how to create a smart factory in a small production company, exploiting the power and effectiveness of highly integrated solutions, for standardised processes without sacrificing customisation.

At Biesse we believe in the added value that human actions can bring to the infinite capabilities of technology and in a context where robotisation, driving the main market trends, can improve the economic performance of our customers. We offer the possibility for creating a winning alliance between robot and machine” says Federico Broccoli, Wood Division / Sales Director and Subsidiaries Division Director. “We make this possible in the factory of each customer, from large companies characterised by important production facilities to small and medium-sized companies that want to use effective, integrated and connected solutions: what we call SMARTACTION, a connected, compact and accessible factory. To make the concepts of SMARTACTION and AUTOMACTION possible and real, we provide high-level expertise and experience from over 50 years, to face and overcome today’s digital challenge together with our customers” concludes Broccoli.


Over 40 technologies are in action in a 5,000 square metre showroom, targeted towards all manufacturing companies, from large companies with high production volumes to companies seeking flexibility and customisation, to small business that can be transformed into real “smart factories.” Three ROS (Robotically Operated System) are at the service of numerically controlled work centres, cutting, drilling and sanding machines: the winning solution to optimise processing cycles, combining versatility, efficiency and high return on investment.


It is possible to enter the Digital hub, to show customers the various construction phases of a 4.0 factory, thanks to process simulation, software for the design, optimisation and programme of production plants. This is the heart of the digital factory, created to show all the available services to monitor progress and increase the productivity of technologies: from the IoT SOPHIA platform, designed in collaboration with Accenture and developed on Microsoft Azure, to B_SUITE, the coordinated set of advanced software tools that allows anyone access to the most advanced technologies, without design limits.


To provide a complete experience that enables the customer to have a 360° view, you can participate in workshops and training sessions on the latest issues: topics such as 3D printing are addressed, through a journey in Multi Jet Fusion technology, discovering the best application examples of the field of automation, design and mechanics, accompanied by HP. Alongside 3D technology, it is possible to participate in the “AutomAction and SmartAction” workshop, an overview of the technological trend on which the 2019 edition of Inside Biesse is based. There is a particular focus on B_CABINET, the software capable of making the integration of different technologies smart, through a single robot. Finally, “SWITCH ON … LINE”, a workshop dedicated to social media marketing, a discipline capable of enhancing the performance of every business, even in industrial contexts.


In its fiftieth year, Biesse Group designs the boundaries of the future, not only on a technological level but also on a human level: neologisms and definitions take shape in this way, mixing concepts and visions, to imagine and reiterate a profound alliance between man and technology. At the Inside event, a graphic itinerary accompanies customers in the new technological language thanks to which man and machine communicate: the ALPHABYTE.
“The Inside event represents a unique opportunity for our customers, who become the real protagonists of the event: we offer them the possibility of being able to immerse themselves in a complete experience, from technologies to software to training opportunities, for creating the factory of the future”, says Raphaël Prati, Group Marketing and Communication Director.