Intelligently connected furniture workshop

At the Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg, the HOMAG eSOLUTION GmbH presented their newest developments in their software solutions. The major focus is on the seamless connection from software to machine.


The HOMAG eSOLUTION GmbH extends their concept of a seamless data flow. The CAD/CAM-solution is used worldwide, dedicatedly tailored for the use with the machines of the HOMAG Group. It connects the individual steps from sales to production in one flow. At the Holz-Handwerk the visitors could get an impression of the connection between software and machine in live presentation. The HOMAG Group presented two furniture workshop concepts with a live furniture production. Dedicated to the carpenters a compact workshop solution on less than 100 m² is presented, as a very attractive entry-level solution. At another place a powerful and flexible machinery solution is presented.


With woodCAD|CAM, woodWOP and the optimization software of HOLZMA, the different production steps like saw, stock and nesting are interconnected. In woodCAD|CAM the furniture is constructed in all its details. After the bill of material, the CNC-programs for the nesting machine and the cutting list is generated automatically, the data is send directly to woodWOP and the optimization software, and the production is started.


With woodFACTORY HOMAG eSOLUTION offers a software module for the production organization and process optimization in industrial and craft enterprises. CEO Winfried Dell: “The machine concepts are getting more flexible and complex. Only when production orders can be efficiently aggregated, the concept of a highly efficient production becomes true. For this reason we have developed wood factory a module that optimizes production processes.


Based on a central production database the work scheduler has the ability to form cross-order production lots that are specifically optimized for the respective production steps or jobs. The result is improved efficiency, waste reduction and reduced setup times.  Another advantage is that all production lists can be flexibly designed and automatically generated. With the feedback of machines and scanners terminals, the order progress can be monitored and the follow-up processes can be initiated

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