International Furniture Design Awards

The deadline for the A’ International Furniture Design Awards in Italy is February 28, 2014.

The A’ Furniture, Homeware and Decor Items Design Competition is a specialized design competition open to both concept stage and realized furniture designs, homeware and decor items by talented designers, furniture manufacturers and producers worldwide. It is organized by OMC Design Studios SRL in collaboration with several institution: Mood – Museum of Design, AoD – Association of Design, Designer Press, Design PR Wire, FD Design Faculty, Design League, Salone del Designer, Advanced Design Conference, ADF – A Design Factory and OMC Design Studios.

All entries will be evaluated by an international jury panel of design professionals, media members and academia. Entries will be judged on visual appeal, ergonomics, innovation, overall design quality, micro details, craftsmanship and workmanship, choice of materials, eco-sustainability and functionality. Both produced and concept-stage entries designed within the past 10 years may be submitted. Winners will be invited to the A’ International Furniture Design award gala night at Villa Galia on Como Lake in Italy and will receive a space and public relations campaign for the A’ Design Award exhibition in Italy. Dates for both the gala and exhibition will be announced at a later date.

The winners of the A’ Furniture, Homeware and Decor Items Design are provided extensive and exclusive marketing and communication services to promote the success of winning the A’ Award. Furthermore, the winning designs appear on the A’ best designs book which is available worldwide, this book is furthermore distributed to the high-profile magazine editors, design oriented companies and relevant parties. The winning designs are also exhibited in Italy, and the best designs will be picked for the permanent exhibition.

Each winner design receives the trophy, published online and at best designs book, receives a certificate and sticker templates to be attached to the products, the A’ seal of design excellence is also included in the winners package, this seal is valid for the entire product lifecycle without yearly fees.