Interview with the Director of the Turkey Aykut Engin ZOW

First of all, we wish that your new date and new venue bring you luck.


Our first question why ZOW changed its date, this is the question that sector wonders?


By the results of our negotiations with exhibitors in previous year we firstly agreed on their needs. With this highlights we determined on a road map. Our exhibitors came us into demand of changing ZOW’s date to the first quarter of the year. Because; being in between two fairs which are Finished Furniture Fair is very important for final users and Turkeybuild Fair is very important for architects and interior architects is the right date. These 3 fairs which includes the latest innovations and newest trends about our industry and give chances to start new business partnerships, satisfies the foreign exhibitors and visitors.

In addition, we know that February and March is the time to make announcements of new trends and designs concerning the manufacturing circle. Because of this timing our visitors and exhibitors will be pleased and so we will be pleased too.

At the end of all studies we changed our fair’s date as 20-23 March 2014.


If we think that 66 percent of the your fair’s area got full, will it be enough for demands of exhibitors?


This year we are in three halls in İstanbul Fair Center that includes 9- 10 and 11th Our exhibition is in March,so there are 6 months till now. However most of our places are sold. We will be organizing the fair for the 6th time this spring and there are very important exhibitors that participating our fairs from the very first one. This exhibitors were first ones who takes their parts from ZOW 2014 anyway. Any firm participated before, sees the effectiveness of the show and wants to be a part of it over and over again. For now we think our venue will be enough, if not I assure you that necessary actions will be taken


What kind of surprises we must wait this year?


This year our surprises will focus on ZOW Essentials again. As you know, every year we host world-famous architects or designers like Karim Rashid and Dror Benshetrit. By the seminars we organize, our visitors and exhibitors learn significant important details from them. We will bring another world- known designer or interior architect again and provide answers which sector wonders.

Besides ZOW Essentials, the contribution from new markets and new countries will be suprising too.

In addition to above, the leading brands of the industry in the world and in Turkey will be attending. But this won’t be a surprise. Because of being the most known and important fair in its topic, ZOW is the most preferential one by decision makers.


Which countrie’s hosted buyer delegations coming from?


Last year, we hosted buyers delegations from varied geographies like Russia, Italy, Iran, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. There were even countries and hosted buyers from Middle Africa where we visited for access new markets and invite our exhibition. We definitely wait visitors from those countries that I mentioned before this year. Moreover we expect more numbers in comparison with the last year. Besides, as ZOW Turkey team, we travel all around the world and make known ZOW Fairs. There will be hosted buyers from very new markets and as our all exhibitions we will open new doors to Turkish manufacturers this year too.


Which foundations support your fair and have you any common organizations?


Like previous fair we work together with one of the most important foundations which named MOSDER “Turkey Furniture Manufacturer’s Foundation” again. Last year the winner designs of the Home Furniture Design Competition which held by MOSDER were exhibited in our fair before all other organizations. This spring same competition’s winner designs will display firstly in ZOW 2014, too.


How many visitors do you expect? Can you give us a general number about expected foreign and domestic visitors?


Guiding brands of the market showed their support on the show one more time by signing up for ZOW 2014, after the success of the last year. If we consider that famous brands like AGT, ASD Laminat, Bakış Kapak, Çebi Kilit, Gentaş, Gizir Profil, Işık Profil, Kapsan, Mesan Plastik, Samet and Schattdecor will be our exhibitors and nearly %70 of the total spaces are sold already then an expect of over 250 exhibitors and roundly 15.000 qualified visitors would not be surprise for us.


Would you like to add anything else?


There is a very important target for the Furniture Industry like being in top five furniture exporters until 2023. This is a goal achievable with only great effort on design and manufacturing highly value added, innovative products.


As ZOW Team, we organize a very important platform for these products to sail away in a best way to the market. We will continue to support our industry in every way that we can.