It’s been one year…

Yes, exactly one year ago, this adventure has begun!

We have introduced ORSIAD Journal to you a year ago. Within this one year, we have brought hundreds of news to you. In order to open new horizons for you, we have participated dozens of exhibitions and events. We have worked with over 30 professional organization in the sector and shared the current developments of the industry while researching the estimates of future. During this period, 240,000 issues were published and distributed free of charge.


Since March 2013, we have been sending 3,000 issues abroad to the representatives of the sector on a monthly basis. Each month, bi-weekly e-newsletters have been sent to 65,000 email addresses. Our followers on Facebook have reached up to 7,500 members. And our websites achieved recognizable success in terms of industrial contents’ world ranking points.


So you think it’s over?..

Of course not!

We suggest you to continue following us;

Because we are just getting started!


“Ramadan Mubarak has arrived to the city, welcome Ramadan!”


Fikret DEMİR

10th Village