Lale Chipboard MDF Wood Industry. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Lale Chipboard MDF Wood Industry. Tic. Ltd. Sti. “From Nature Living” was founded in 2004 by İbrahim sarıalp

In Kayseri 30 years of forest products marketing company, from customers the support and confidence from the year 2010 with a steel door surface, the inner room doors, furniture surface and side with equipment safe molding to the product range added.

16 thousand m2 with production sites Lale Chipboard MDF, steel door surface with the brand and engaged with the brand laminate in ner room door is one of the most important many factures in Turkey. The door to your home crossover, which is your home first time visiting one of the first impressions give rise to the idea that the products are designed in the decorative beauty, hygiene, external factors and impact strength of a company’s production floor where the innovations.

Our factory is located in Kayseri, Turkey due to the middle In terms of domestic and international transportation is very convenient.

Our factory in domestic and foreign trade; land, rail and sea transportation uses. South of Mersin and Iskenderun port, the port of Samsun to the north, west of Istanbul and Izmir ports and railways have to be close to the line in the import and export is convenience.

Quality raw materials and the end of production, quality products to offer to the market is the policy of the LALE SUNTA MDF indispensable.

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