Our company, which started its activities in Gaziantep with plastic raw material production in 1993, has continued its production in modern facilities for a quarter of a century with its dynamic structure, total quality understanding, innovative spirit and always open development staff.

Our company, which is aware of the fact that it is possible with a production park supported by the latest technology, of course, at the production stage, is now producing plastic home furnishings in modern and technological facilities.

Our company, which has been talking about the name of our country as well as the international market during its 25 years of adventure in the industry, lives with its rightful pride.

According to the philosophy we get from total quality understanding; Quality in real sense; It starts in the production planning phase and continues in the production phase with the support of our Production and Engineering units until it reaches the final product.

Our company; raw materials used in production are harmless from the viewpoint of human health, ergonomic in terms of usage, and the first plan is to set up stylish products in terms of design.

From the Board of Directors to the Customer Relationship Management, we realize that manufacturing in accordance with the ISO-9001 Quality Standards Management Techniques ensures that our valued customers achieve Maximum Quality and we will continue to be aware in the future.