Monolitinvest d.o.o.

We are proud to present to you MOPAR – Modern Parquets, a line of prefinished engineered floors.

Why MOPAR – Modern Parquets?
We are a company with more than 20 years of experience during which our business strategy developed.
Our attention is directed in two main directions – the quality of products and customer satisfaction.

Today company MONOLITINVEST d.o.o. has arround 200 employees, and yearly production capacity of 1.000.000 m2. Still the quantity is not our priority. Floors we produce are known in Europe and arround the world as well as our service tailored according to customer wishes. We focus on the customers’ needs and continuing development of our services.

As we continously monitor trends in interior design and manufacture, our company annually offers several new types of surface finishes on our products and solutions custom made to market requirements.

Our production is focused on quality and preserving the environment –  we are a member of the Green Building Council. Production at MONOLITINVEST d.o.o. is an environmentally friendly cycle with no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Adhesives we use are formaldehyde-free PVAC and the dyes, varnishes and oils we use are natural and ecological. Our finished products are packed in recyclable packaging.

MONOLITINVEST d.o.o. is a company dedicated to changes in terms of continuous improving of services, product quality and environment protection.

Nikole Tesle 28
48260 Krizevci

Tel: +385 (0)48 692 200
Fax: +385 (0)48 211 170