‘I have said that I was optimistic about the year 2013 and it really went well.’

While expressing my thoughts about furniture accessories market of 2013, I mentioned I was expecting a successful year in my two previous interviews that I’ve done with your paper this year. At the same time, in parallel, I’ve also indicated Turkey foreseeing a rapid growth in the furniture industry. Furthermore witnessing a general and positive growth in the sector, we have observed some major manufacturers having troubles times since August. We think they are solving their difficulties in this area and will want to continue to grow. Nevertheless, in general, if we take the year 2013 as a whole, we can see that growth was succeeded. This year, I’m guessing the sector grows by 10-12 in terms of furniture and furniture accessories.


While income levels of users increases, quality, function and comfort become more important, and, therefore, with the motive of improving the living conditions, furniture, white goods and automobiles become a part of preferential purchases group. With local elections in 2014, I expect the current stability of the market remain positive. At this stage, it’s hard to predict a growth based on figures. Also due to the general elections in 2015 we can predict that the markets’ stability and growth will continue in 2015. In fact, as you know, in the old years, Turkey’s economy was changing according to some domestic political expectations and events in general. Now the economy is changing according to world’s economic and political situation. Therefore, these growth predictions that I’m doing are based on the expectations for stable world policies. It would be naive not to think of the possibilities of extreme changes in these matters that may also affect Turkey’s economy.

‘Our message to the industry and the State: Chinese goods continues to be the cause of great distress.’


The worst part of our industry is the poor quality of Chinese goods invading our country as well as being introduced like the products of the European Union and cause to deceive “the State and most importantly the consumer”.

In our country we have companies that import furniture accessories and this does not bother us. On the contrary, as MAKSDER we express our satisfaction. We believe where there is no competition, there can not be any commercial process. There are some import companies that see and act for a short term profit, but they are very few. Upon our request for the application of specialized customs in this matter, Surveillance and Dumping Taxes have become effective, but this time, different issues have occured. Our expectation of our government on this issue is to control the market by new application decisions. We think there should not be any problem for the products that are actually produced in the EU, but the other products that are shown as the products of EU only on paper, should go through an inspection done by the help of industrial associations. Because, during this period our domestic producers who have to live and survive in the market, are also trying to sell their products at a loss or low profitability. However, this causes an obstacle to the development of this sector, as well as pushing the sector go backwards.




In the meantime, we should also refer the importance of R & D activities for

our industry. It is undeniable how important that’s for our industry. It would be useful to know that the staff employed in this area do not have low wages. Our state had announced a special status for our R & D works. By indentifying the existence of R & D center, some of the expenses of the company can be paid by the State. In order to be a R & D center, more than 50 people should be employed in this center. Except few members of MAKSDER, it is not possible to say that more companies have come to this level. As we have said, may be a few companies, but that is all. It can create more positive results if the companies like SME firms should be obligated to establish the less, such as 15-20 people to work for R&D center. Establishment of new R & D centers will be a stimulating role to develop new products in the industry. In this way, the benefits that industrialists will get also be will be reflected in the product and ensuring such investments will increase employment. The crucial question of Turkey’s employment problem can be solved with the easiness of setting up R & D centers in SMEs.


With the developing technology, the importance of information and speed has increased and changing consumer preferences with more awareness, focused on functionality and comfort in the living space which increased the demand for smart furniture. Nowadays users know better what they want and want to have detailed information about the product they purchase. Besides their budget criteria, they now prefer innovative products that meet their expectations of performance and aesthetic qualities at the highest level. Adapting the trend of the world’s “smart selection of furniture”, goes the effective use of furniture accessories.


Albeit invisibly, furniture accessories, constantly add practicality and comfort to our lives. While including such details to their lives, consumers should pay attention to the quality to be used for many years, affordable and yet must have warranty support. In addition, according to the space used, furniture accessories should provide some necessary conditions for safety and durability. The products must have passed durability tests and have certificates. For example, the furniture used in wet environments require security certificates for ambient lighting system as well as must be guaranteed against corrosion.

‘Where does the trend take us?’

The technology will keep being important in the future like it’s today. Ease of use, practicality, quiet operation, durability, price-quality performance will affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. However, the comfort, functionality and stylish looks will be effective for the preferences of furniture accessories. Even in the modest homes, the performance, aesthetics and comfort of superior technology providd by innovative products will be felt and preferred.