Organizing a Football Tournament and Festival in which Friendship was the Winner

A First in the Sector from Schattdecor!!

Organizing a Football Tournament and Festival in which Friendship was the Winner

The decorative paper manufacturer Schattdecor, a world leader in its sector, achieved a first and organized a sectoral football tournament and festival. Leading companies of the sector showed great interest in the tournament, which took place at the Kafkale facilities in Tuzla on 08 June 2013 with the participation of the football teams of Schattdecor, ASD Laminat, Çamsan Entegre, Gentaş, Kastamonu Entegre, Lignadecor, Teverpan and Yıldız Sunta MDF and a large group of supporters. The tournament started after Schattdecor General Manager Robert Vuga greeted all those who were invited. The teams qualified for the semi-finals became known following the matches held in two groups. Yıldız Sunta MDF, who fought in Group A, came out as the group leader while Gentaş became the other team in this group qualified for the semi-finals as the group second. Schattdecor and Teverpan were the teams that bid farewell to the tournament at the group stage. In Group B, Çamsan Entegre qualified as the group leader and Kastamonu Entegre qualified as the group second leader  teams, while Lignadecor and ASD Laminat bid farewell to the tournament. In the semi-finals, Yıldız Sunta MDF and Kastamonu Entegre, on the one hand, and Çamsan Entegre and Gentaş, on the other, faced each other for the final match. The semi-final competition between Yıldız Sunta MDF and Kastamonu Entegre ended in a tie and Yıldız Sunta MDF became the winner following the penalty kicks. In the other semi-final game, Çamsan Entegre beat Gentaş and became finalist. The third-place match played between Kastamonu Entegre and Gentaş ended in a victory of 4 to 2 for Kastamonu Entegre. Coming on the field for the final match, Yıldız Sunta MDF and Çamsan offered the spectators an enjoyable final struggle, which was highly competitive and exciting and which ended in a victory of 3 to 2 for Yıldız Sunta MDF. With these results, the teams ranked as follows:


  1. Yıldız Sunta MDF
  2. Çamsan Entegre
  3. Kastamonu Entegre
  4. Gentaş
  5. Schattdecor
  6. Lignadecor
  7. ASD Laminat
  8. Teverpan


Specially awarded teams/players:


Fair Play Award: Gentaş

Best Supporters Award: Çamsan Entegre

Best Player Award: Samet (Çamsan Entegre)

Highest Scorer Award: Gökhan (Yıldız Sunta MDF)

Best Goalkeeper Award: Bora (Yıldız Sunta MDF)




The teams and players winning a place or being found worthy of an award at the end of the tournament, which passed in a festive spirit and in which about 350 invitees participated, were presented with their cups and medals by Schattdecor General Manager Robert Vuga.


Thanking all the teams who participated in the tournament and fought for the first place, he said: “We have come to the end of the football tournament. It has been a very sportsmanlike competition. I thank and congratulate you all for participating in the tournament and competing in a sportsmanlike manner. I hope that this tournament has been an occasion for the making of new friendships.”


After the competition, all the teams and their families and supporters had an excellent dinner in Tuzla at Filizler Restaurant with a view of the sea and enjoyed the opportunity of relief after a hard day. The event was ended with wishes of meeting next year in the Schattdecor Football Tournament and Festival, intended to become a traditional event.