Aiming to provide industry standards in Turkey, Orsiad Association is Turkey’s youngest and yet one of the biggest organisations. In order to reach every segment of the industry, Orsiad is organized in 81 provinces and 957 districts in Turkey. Orsiad association’s goal is to be one of the powerful industry associations around the world.


Orsiad Association has already started to take action with its programs and projects that aim to strengthen the sector. One of the most important projects among these plans is called “National Certificate” program. This program will provide the standardised sector structure with high quality. Through a specific training program for craftsmen of the parquet industry, the association also created a book for quality standards that makes the basic of National Certification training program.


With the help of National Certification program, Orsiad Association brings the world-class craftwork to the sector and provides the necessary training. When the sector has the same high quality standards, the non-authorized people will be prevented to damage the industry.


In order to achieve its goals as soon as possible, Orsiad Association has been busy with an agenda of meetings with the organisations such as Ministry of Education, Vocational Qualification Institute, Turkish Employment Agency and Municipality Vocational Institute. The association also met with the Ministry of Labour and the General Directorate of Forestry and discussed the possible opportunities to work together for solving the problems of the sector.


Orsiad Association’s projects and programs are not only for empowering the industry but also our country. The environmentalist project called “Prayer Forests” will help to plant more trees in all around Turkey. Open to public through the association’s website where you can click and contribute for planting, this project gives everybody a lovely option to give meaningful gifts while contributing the environment.