Samet ‘Makes the furniture alive, will wave the Turkish flag in the ‘capital city of design’, Milan!

Turkish leader company Samet of which presents its products to its customers with ‘makes the furniture alive’ motto, moves Turkish design and quality concepts to Italy. Samet, one of the 5 biggest players in the world, had an assertive entrance to the Italy market on 14th December on Friday with its 1.000 sqm showroom in Milan- Bergamo. Samet, draws attention with drawers, hinges, sliding covers, furniture lightening, furniture connection and up-open-cover systems, will meet its innovative products that it prepared with world widely famous Italian furniture brand Poliform in its showroom in Italy.

Ufuk Kızıltan, Samet Italy CEO, said, ’As Samet we prioritize innovation and design first, that is why Italian market which is also known as the center of design is really important to us. Italy is 500 million Euro worth market that mainly focuses on exporting. We are talking about a market which is 2.5 times larger than the Turkish market. Italy is the 3rd country in furniture accessories and the second one in exporting. As Samet we plan to enter the market as a strong alternative to Germany and Austria when the cards are redistributed globally. This is why we do believe that this is the perfect time for us”.

SAMET Strategic Marketing Group Manager Noyan Özkaya says, ‘We trust the exporting power of the market that we seriously analyzed before we got in. We plan to get in with our alternative products as much as our unique products. The first target is to have the %5 market share which is estimated as 25 millions. In the consecutive years we plan to increase this share %2.5.’ and adds ‘ In Italy only lightening market is 80 millions Euro. As Samet we will serve the market with our LED production facility.’

About Samet

Turkish furniture accessories brand leader Samet A.Ş. was established in 1973 in Istanbul. It has more than 2.400 products that are designed due to the needs of the era and preserves its place in the furniture accessories market thanks to its 39-year-old experience.

SAMET A.Ş., has 1.124 employees in its 32.000 closed in total 55.000 square meter, equipped with the latest technology modern and high quality production facility. Samet A.Ş. that cares about innovation and design has more than 1000 employees in the research and development department. Samet A.Ş. with its 500 and more active branch offices and exporting capacity to more than 90 countries such as  USA, Russia, Germany, England, Spain, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Slovenia and China is the pioneer brand both in Tukish and global furniture accessories sector. It preserves the place as one of the 5  leaders by focusing on the customer satisfaction, innovative approach, and directing the market.