Schattdecor satisfied with results for 2012 satisfied with results for 2012…

Schattdecor is satisfied with its performance in 2012, with the consolidated group matching the output and turnover year-on-year despite uneven quarterly results. Sales saw a slight increase to approx. € 480 million (2011: € 475 mill.), while the workforce grew to almost 1,400 employees (2011: approx. 1,300) at the eleven worldwide production facilities.

In 2012, the company produced over 91,000 tons of decor paper, lacquered almost 209 million square meters of finish foil (2011: 210 sq m), and impregnated some 107 million square meters of melamine foil (2011: 120 mill. sq m).

Schattdecor’s investments in this and the coming year will mainly concentrate on continued expansion of decor paper production and surface finishing capacity in Poland, Russia and Italy, while the focus at the headquarters in Thansau, Germany, will be placed on modernisation of machinery and plant and further spending on new digital printing technologies – all measures designed to safeguard Schattdecor’s corporate activities far into the future.