Schattdecor very satisfied with showing at ZOW Istanbul 2014

Premiere for new showroom caravan

Andreas Bruckbauer, Schattdecor Export Manager South Europe: “In Istanbul we not only consolidated our role as trend-setter in the decor field but also offered new inspiration and set new standards in the digital printing field”. 


Thansau, 02.04.2014 – Schattdecor is very satisfied with its showing at the ZOW Istanbul (20 – 23 March 2014), where selected new decors and presentation of Digital Visions designs in a showroom caravan outside the entrance to the show met with a favourable a reception.

As Andreas Bruckbauer, Export Manager South Europe, states: “We are really pleased with the way the show went and the constructive talks we had with customers. We not only saw an incredible amount of interest in our new decors and trend themes but were able to cement our position as a trend-setter still further, particularly in the digital printing field.”


“Schattdecor on the road” with its showroom caravan

A mobile presentation tool in the form of a showroom caravan faced in current digital-print decors met with particular attention, and in line with the motto “Schattdecor on the road” featured current decors from the Digital Visions collection on floor, wall and furniture surfaces. As Erhan Kara, Sales Manager at Schattdecor’s subsidiary in Gebze, Turkey, remarks,  “The caravan is a fantastic way of showcasing the diversity of our decors and our customer focus wherever appropriate, and will now be a surprising and unconventional feature for customer events at all conceivable locations”. Incorporation of Schattdecor’s proprietary 3D Lab, which simulates decors on imaginary interior surfaces, further underscored the versatility of the new promotional tool.


Top five decors and the “charm of imperfection”  

Design Head Claudia Küchen sees the responses at the Istanbul showing as acknowledgement of Schattdecor’s latest decor developments, particularly as the most requests for samples were received for decors embodying the three trend themes of comfort, poetry and progress. As she summed up, “It is pleasing to see that these themes are finding favour on Turkey’s market”.



Sherwood Oak (10268): (PROGRESS trend theme)

This tightly-grained oak decor offers subtle cracks, medullary ray flecks, crossfires and defects in the wood for an authentic and yet harmonious impression. Plume figures alternate with small knots in the planking. Sherwood Oak is slightly rustic in overall effect.  


Sibiu Larch (14-01044-011): (POETRY trend theme)

Sibiu Larch has been provided a wire-brushed look for a striking three-dimensional effect. Alternating sections of densely-packed and wide-spaced grain, various knots and side-cut crotch figures lend the planked layout a lively and rustic touch. 


Maryland Walnut (20178): (COMFORT trend theme)

Generously-sized yet unobtrusive cathedral figures provide an elegant look to this new walnut decor. American wood is featured in the classic layout in line with current trends.


Loft (54103)

Developed in line with the trend for using concrete in interior design, Loft shows fair-faced concrete in a somewhat structured layout featuring many of the details typical of the material. Created for various applications, it is suitable for worktops, wall surfaces and furniture elements alike.   


Chesterfield Oak (10233)

Chesterfield Oak is based on finely textured material characterised by clearly delineated pores and a linear grain. The only hint of movement is provided by the occasional side-cut crotch figure.