Schattdecor : was the first of hearts in the tournament

Yesterday I saw that there’s a great determination in the veins of this sector…


Yes, under the rain showers of mercy, yesterday, we have altogether witnessed the great picture of the football teams of Schattdecor, Kastamonu Integrated, Yıldız Integrated, Starwood, Yıldız Chipboard MDF, Gentas, ASD, Vezirköprü, Divapan Integrated, Teverp, Çamsan Integrated companies and a big group of fans supporting them at the stands.


I have witnessed with my own eyes how heavy rain showers could not stop the players in the field, but rather increased the excitement.


However, on our way to the event, I was even considering that the tournament would be canceled. But when I got to the stadium, the enthusiasm and grandeur I saw made me fall in love with this industry once again.


Dozens of athletes on the field, lots of fans in the stands supporting them… It was like a big family with all the mothers, fathers and children cheering at the platforms. Like a huge heart!


At first glance, perhaps the aim was trophy.  But witnessing the nice long chats among fans frequently cherished by laughter, made us realize what Schattdecor has organized is bigger than that. It was a big happy event.


Yes, Schattdecor has organized a soccer tournament. And yes, there was a trophy at the end… But through all those hours, minutes and seconds of the event, the trophy was children’s. The competition did not matter anymore. Smiling faces were the real winners!


Now some of make think that I made the soccer tournament like a romantic event. Therefore to make the long story short, let’s move the subject to the championship…


The trophy and the victory went to Starwood Team! I also wanted them to win. You might think that I should be impartial and not take any sides of any team. Of course, I was. Until seeing Starwood team on the field with a banner for 301 dead Soma miners and the worker helmets on their heads… That moment my impartially was over. So did everybody else. We all became Starwood fans.


Here are the results of yesterday’s tournament;


Championship: Starwood


Second prize: Star Chipboard MDF,


Third prize: Vizier Wood


Fourth prize: Gentas


And of course, Schattdecor was the first of hearts in the tournament.


As ORSIAD Journal, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful event, all the teams for their great performances and particularly Schattdecor members for being a great host.