SOPHIA IoT App Analyzes a CNC Machine’s Vitals

More profitable runtime and less costly downtime are the end goals of SOPHIA, Biesse’s new Internet of Things app.

SOPHIA is a cloud-based software management tool that helps users achieve higher productivity by providing them with an easy-to-use dashboard containing real-time visibility of machine status, performance and functionality.

“SOPHIA is continuously accumulating, monitoring and analyzing a numeric-controlled machine’s data via a cloud-based computing network on a real-time basis,” said Cesare Magnani, brand sales manager of Biesse America. “From the cloud, information such as a machine’s performance history and operating statistics are filtered and analyzed to provide projections of the machine’s future behavior. This information is easily accessible through a mobile app for the customer anywhere, anytime.”

A prime example of SOPHIA’s value is its ability to predict an impending failure by constantly being on the lookout for abnormalities such as excessive vibration or high temperature of a CNC router’s electro spindles.

“If a machine sensor connected to SOPHIA detects that the machine is exceeding its parameters of operation, it will trigger an alarm alerting both our service department and the customer of a potential problem,” Magnani said. “For example, it could be a problem with the spindle, a dull tool or that the operator is pushing the machine past its limits. In any regard, the app allows the customer to analyze the problem and with the help of our service team determine if something might be failing so that it can be repaired or replaced with minimal costly downtime.”