Starwood Yapi Market is Growing …

”Starwood Yapi Market” is having the right proud of success with
increasing their branches and with the goal of have a market in every city.
Starwood Yapi Market is serving at 33 points in Turkey and it has been
existing at 36 different points including with other countries .
Starwood Yapi Market which is serving with wide range products and
competitive prices, is going with its goal with determined steps and with
”A Yapi Market in Every City” politics. Starwood Yapi Market has branches
and dealers in  İstanbul İkitelli, Avcılar, Sultanbeyli, Ataşehir Fetih
Mahallesi, Adana, Adıyaman, Ankara Siteler, Ankara Sincan, Antalya,
Balıkesir -Edremit, Çanakkale, Çorum, Elazığ, Erzincan, Erzurum, Erzurum
Çarşı, Eskişehir Emko, Eskişehir Baksan, Fethiye, Ordu Fatsa, Gaziantep,
Giresun, Giresun Baltama San., Isparta, İzmir, Konya, Muş, Tokat Niksar,
Niğde, Trabzon Akçaabat, Tokat and  Tosya with the target of being a leader
at furniture subsidiary industry and accessories sector. Mersin Starwood
Yapi Market is going to be opened soon.
Starwood Yapi Market has Built-in products, hand tools, faucets, edge bands,
mechanisms, chemical products, especially furniture accessories with
different brand alternatives as Blum, Titus, Teka, Silverline, Adell. They
are also selling the products to customers with their brands as Renno
Built-in, 222, Nanofix, Starlock, Biagi Hinge, Starclick Floor, Tiviti
Handle, Tracto Screw, Starhaus Bathroom Accessories.
Starwood Yapi Market, who is serving with healthy settlement and wide
product range, has advantage about fast deliver, too.
” After Sales Service ” From Renno
Starwood Yapi Market made a movement with ” After Sales Service’ ‘about its
brand Renno’s assemble and service application. They are going on to make
innovation with their perfect service after presented the products to
workers and technical education of product.
Starwood Yapi Market is preferred at sector about furniture adhesive group
with Nanofix Brand and also Starclick Floor Brand with new colors. Starwood
Yapı Market’s products which have price advantage, give its customers
satisfaction day by day
Powerful Background With Franchising System
Starwood Yapi Market caught the world standards about the storage system
with their data automation background. With B2B system, they provide all
kinds of trading activity to their branches, through internet. With the wide
range products and competitive prices that system makes easier the serial
trading process and  shipping. Also for the partners they catch the
influence chance in the situated cities.
Starwood Yapı Market has a goal to open the branches which they have not
opened yet. With its franchising system, it keeps on growing both in
domestic and abroad. Starwood Yapi Market is going on the way that being
powerful supplier of furniture and construction sector. They are growing
with innovations.