Stile Pavimenti Legno SpA

In fact the Onofri and Colcelli family have been working for years in the green hills of the Umbrian Tuscan mountains. These two families, the founders of Stile, have been working in the field of lumber.

They started out by supplying firewood in the late 19th century and then became manufacturers of rail road sleepers until the mid 20th century. In the mid-sixties, they came to a turning point: this was the beginning of a company which manufactures mosaic wood floors: the S.Ti.Le Società Tiberina Legnami, now Stile Pavimenti Legno Spa.

Stile Società Cooperativa
Via dei Laghi, 18
Trestina, Città di Castello
06018 Perugia
P.I. 03517800540