The Designer of Freedom Island is in ZOW

Zow Fair that enables architects, interior designers and designers to meet each other, to present the innovation in the sector and abroad business connections, drew attention with its Zow Essential program on day 2. The press meeting that was held before the Zow Essentials, Dror Benshetrit, the designer of the Freedom Island which is a project of Serdar İnan, İnan Construction attended the meeting.

Before the panel famous designer Dror Benshetrit, the President of Managemet Board of İnanlar Serdar İnan, Inder General Manager Nazmi Durbakayım, the President of Istanbul office of the Chamber of Interiors Designer Taner Gültekin, Inder General Secretary Abdullah Baysal, Zow Germany General Manager Horst Rudolph, Zow Turkey Manager Aykut Engin, leaders of the sector and the exhibitors attended the Essentials.

ZOW Turkey General Manager Aykut Engin: ‘ We are all together with our exhibitors at our fair of International Furniture Industry, Interior Design, Accessories and Installations Fair for the 5th time. Our fair consists of 250 exhibitors from 20 different countries on 15.000 square meters. The investments on the sector that has been made since past few years increased our country’s worth. The visitors from nearby places affects positively our exhibitors’ business volumes.’

Inanlar Construction President Serdar İnan: with the urban transition owners’ target is to have more sustainable and safe places. As a consequence of it construction sector will have a larger market. Non resistant buildings for earthquake are being destroyed one by one so earthquake-proof place construction will also help the sector.’

İNDER General President Nazmi Durbakayım: “İstanbul Construction Community was established in 1967. Since then, we have been active on various events in the construction sector. Turkey is in a transition for development. Emerge with the modern world, urbanism is increasing so urbanism has importance for both architecture and interior design. These types of fairs are important for cultural exchange, sectoral developments and interactions for knowledge. I thank all of you who helped us during this process.’

World wide famous designer Dror Benshetrit: ‘Today, here I am more than happy to be with Turkish Architect and Designers. Architecture and interior design are two parallel things that cannot be considered as separate. Around the world the number of that kind of fairs are very rare. The leaders of the sector and experts should attend these fairs to keep up with the innovations and to do better. ZOW is really successful at this.