Two investment companies, Muirfield and Lintex, acquire stake in VILOX licensing business

The collaboration with Muirfield and Lintex aims to strengthen VILOX’s position within the licensing sector of the flooring and furniture industry.

Helsingborg, Sweden, 22 September 2023: Muirfield Invest AB and Lintex International Holding Group AB, has signed an agreement to acquire stake in VILOX licensing business, a Swedish industrial R&D company, alongside the founding Markovski family that via VILOX Invest AB will maintain ownership.

VILOX team boasts a history of click technologies like the LOX® and Furnilox®, floor and furniture locking systems, geared towards easy assembling, all driven by the central principle of delivering high-performance, cost-effective products that prioritize user benefits and sustainability. With approximately 100 patents currently held and a substantial expansion of its IP portfolio in recent years, VILOX’s innovations are well protected.

The partnership marks a milestone in VILOX’s journey towards becoming a dominant player in the licensing industry. With strong backing from Muirfield and Lintex, VILOX is poised to propel its innovative technology and IP portfolio to new heights, addressing market demands in an efficient and effective manner. The alliance brings together a winning combination of expertise, resources, and vision, setting the stage for a flourishing future for VILOX’s licensing business.

The company, based in Helsingborg, Sweden, employs highly specialized individuals, and this investment enables the further expansion of the organization.

Bobby Markovski, CEO of VILOX Invest AB and founder of VILOX, commented:

“In the past months, several investors have shown great interest in acquiring stake but Muirfield and Lintex was our preferred choice since they are a family-owned longer term investor with an excellent reputation. Both investment firms exhibit robust financial capabilities, coupled with extensive expertise in industrial operations, brand development, and marketing. This partnership will create a long-term foundation for the company to take the next step in its development to become one of the leading licensors within the floor- and furniture industry.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Claes Kinell, Chairman at Muirfield, said:

“We are delighted to be a part of VILOX’s ongoing journey. The company has demonstrated an impressive ability to create value through its floor locking intellectual property, catering to the flooring and furniture industry’s needs. What’s truly remarkable is VILOX’s capacity to innovate not only in terms of commercial viability compared to competitors but also with a strong focus on environmental sustainability, generating attractive revenue streams while positively impacting the environment. As we look ahead, we firmly believe that Muirfield and Lintex, with their entrepreneurial and industrial mindset, are well-equipped to support VILOX’s international commercialization efforts. This investment further complements Muirfield’s long-term equity portfolio and reinforces our strategy to be a significant investor.”

Carl Af Ekenstam, Chairman at Lintex International Holding Group, concluded:

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to invest in VILOX. Given our firsthand experience navigating the global market, we bring a wealth of international expertise and industry knowledge to the table. Our well-established background and extensive network of contacts position us to actively support and facilitate VILOX’s international progress. With VILOX’s impressive track record of achieving growth and creating value, we have complete confidence in our choice to back their remarkable journey.”


VILOX is an R&D and IP company which license technologies within the flooring and furniture industries. The present technology base covers fields related to floor and furniture click systems and thermoplastic core materials. VILOX’s patent portfolio comprises about 100 patents and a global license base of over 20 licensees in the flooring and furniture industry. More information is available at

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About Lintex International Holding Group

Lintex Holding Group is the investment company of the af Ekenstam family. Their foremost successful operational company is Lintex, a pioneer in crafting writing boards for educational and corporate spaces. Their products are transformed into sophisticated tools through collaborations with renowned Scandinavian designers, enhancing both functionality and user experience. Founded in 1983 as a family business in Nybro, Sweden, Lintex maintains global prominence with subsidiaries, sales offices, and agents across Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond, solidifying its reputation as a market leader unafraid of embracing distinctiveness and visionary concepts.