Unilin launches ClicBox, the first 100% tool-less kitchen cabinet

For cabinet makers who want to combine quality with cost-effectiveness and considerable time savings, Unilin – inventor of the revolutionary Uniclic®-system – has developed a complete range of original kitchen frames. ClicBox components click together without the need for screws or screwdriver – and yet are extremely robust.

In 2011, Unilin pooled all its knowledge and expertise to expand the revolutionary Uniclic® technology to include furniture. A tongue and groove system allows furniture panels to be clicked together at an angle of 90°. With this new application of Uniclic® technology, Unilin won the coveted biennial “Best of the Best” Interzum award for Intelligent Material & Design at the Keulen Furniture Trade Fair. Unilin has now applied the new joining system to ClicBox, a range of kitchen frames (cabinets) that enables cabinetmakers to offer their customers quality results fast and easily.

The fastest and easiest solution

By applying Uniclic® to the ClicBox range, assembly has been radically simplified and that means significant time savings. The special tongue and groove system allows panels to be locked together without the use of screws or tools. Click, clack and it’s finished. The tool-less installation extends to every component of the kitchen cabinet, such as the mounts for the wall cabinets and the centre post for wider cabinets. This means that ClicBox kitchen cabinets can be assembled up to 3 times faster than traditional cabinets. Furthermore, the Uniclic® joints are stronger, more stable and less visible than the classic screw joints. Buying, transporting and installing ClicBox is a 100% fast & easy experience!

ClicBox kitchen frame

Quality & Flexibility

With ClicBox, Unilin combines its unique click system with exceptional quality. Both the panels – laminated chipboard – and the finishes are designed in-house by Unilin in order to guarantee that each and every cabinet meets strict quality standards.

A smart drilling pattern ensures that cabinets offer plenty of options (4 drawers, 5 drawers, drawer line, etc.), without the need for extra holes to be drilled. In addition, the drilling pattern is designed to match the most common types of mount (Blum, Indaux and Hettich). Cabinets are hung on the wall with the aid of an invisible metal clip that – once more without the use of tools – clicks into the back of the unit and can be positioned at different heights.

Image ClicBOx

Total solution

ClicBox has no less than 42 different units: 18 base cabinets, 16 wall units and 4 store

cupboards with 4 shelves each. The base units are 720 mm high and 570 mm deep and vary in widths between 150 and 1,000 mm. There is also a corner unit (900 mm wide) and an oven cabinet. The wall units are 720 mm high and 330 deep. The widths vary between 300 and 1,000 mm. There are 2 types of corner units as well as bridges of 360 H x 330 D in four widths (500, 600, 800 and 900 mm).

Awards ClicBox was first launched in the UK and Ireland and has been immediately awarded by a professional jury with the KBB LDN Innovation Award (2013). Also in France won ClicBox the “Trophée de l’Innovation” of the SAIB (Syndicat des Architectes Interiors de Bretagne) in 2013.

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