Välinge Introduced “Click Furniture”

Välinge is pleased to present its innovative Click Furniture, based on the well-established Välinge 5G Fold Down technology platform.   

Over 60 Välinge licensees have manufactured more than 500 millions square meters of flooring products with 5G/Fold down locking systems accumulated since 2005. Many of Välinge’s patents and patent applications cover 5G locking systems in flooring as well as in furniture. The Välinge group has a unique competence in Intellectual Property as well as in the industrial implementation of technologies. Välinge has a broad IP portfolio protecting among others profiles, tongues, tongue insertion machines and installation methods in the field of mechanical locking systems.

The 5G locking has been used in flooring products since 2005 and this technology is therefore well proven. All this experience and available technology may be used to reach similar outstanding performance in other areas than flooring, such as furniture. The dedicated work from Välinge to adapt the 5G technology to furniture components has resulted in a simple and reliable concept that has been well received when presented to furniture producers. I would say that the feedback we have received so far is quite overwhelming” says Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge Innovation.

As an example, a regular bookshelf consisting of 8 pieces is clicked together within a few seconds, without having to handle any loose parts. The back piece is also clicked in position therefore securing stable and square furniture.

Välinge has now optimized the designs for all types of connections that are needed to assemble flat package furniture in a fast and secure way, without any tools. The unique way of connecting frame parts, drawers, backsides and shelves with the use of a flexible tongue provides the piece of furniture with a stability that has not been possible to achieve before. In the flooring business, a majority of wood and laminate floors are connected with a mechanical locking system integrally formed in the panel in order to offer fast installation and high quality products. Välinge’s click furniture technology now gives the furniture industry the possibility to reach the same type of improvements and move to the next level” says Hans Brännström, Business Development Wood Technology.