Välinge Upgrades Nadura

Välinge is together with Dieffenbacher upgraded its production line for Nadura and other powder applications. This includes also integrating the Powder Backing technology into the line. The upgrade will continue to streamline and optimize the production of Nadura at Välinge, allowing supply of products to the customers.

Välinge, a world leading R&D and IP company in the flooring industry, has upgraded its production line for Nadura. The upgrade consists of adding in-line powder backing production as well as expanding the line in order to fit additional equipment – such as digital printing and new types of scattering and stabilization systems. The feeding of powder will also be upgraded into a fully automatic vacuum feeding and recycling system with three filling stations.

“With the increased interest for Nadura products that we have seen, especially after MeisterWerke’s re-launch, our intention is to offer limited product series and volumes for market introduction by our licensees. We expected this increase of interest in Nadura products and therefore we started to plan this upgrade already in March 2012. At the moment we are in discussions with several companies interested of launching their own product range on the market initially produced by Välinge” says Mr Niclas Håkansson, CEO of Välinge Innovation.

Powder technology can be used to produce high quality products that will compete with the most advance flooring categories on the market but also to produce extremely cost efficient floors that could compete with the most cost efficient conventional laminate floors using the paper technology. Välinge Powder Technology can be used to create advanced designs that are perfect reproductions of stone and ceramic floors. This is mainly accomplished with several scattering stations that apply powder in several layers and on pre determined positions. This technology is used to produce a solid powder surface with superior properties and advanced designs.  Välinge has also developed cost efficient production methods that make it possible to create wood designs. The powder based wood designs are very advanced. Deep embossing perfectly matched with the grain structure could be obtained with high wear and impact resistance.