Waste bin system “Wasteboy” now in the market

Last year, the Ninkaplast GmbH from Bad Salzuflen introduced the compact bin system “Wasteboy” for the first time and it has now reached series-production readiness. An intensive dialogue preceded this product novelty with customers and partners, particularly in the company’s export markets, and by extensive development work. Now, the new waste separation system for kitchen cabinets is also available for industry and market.


The lively interest in Wasteboy derives from the fact that this is not only another waste bin pushing into the market but a unique smart and ambitiously designed compact solution. It enhances kitchen cabinets as accessory and it can be installed easily and uncomplicated by everyone.


The compact bin unit – especially suitable for sink cabinets from 400 mm width – has got a volumetric capacity of 16 plus 16 litres (double separation) or 16 plus two times 7 litres (triple separation). The compact bin unit is packed in a small carton together with all component parts like drilling template, assembly instructions and fixing material. The Wasteboy reveals minimalism in logistics: 27 cartons can be stacked and transported on one euro-pallet. This is facilitates the transport and saves stocking space.


The opening of the small carton reveals a stable framework including lateral frames, an appealing housing with a lid, which can be used for storage, as well as smoothly sliding runners, which move the waste bins. In the latter, the extensive development work of the company is concealed: three telescopically extendable polymer bin rings, equipped with clever locking rings, magically become a complete waste bin. This tool-free bin assembly in itself makes the installation of this kitchen accessory an astonishing experience for the end user.


The Wasteboy is absolutely in step with the zeitgeist of modern kitchen customers: mobility, promptness, sustainability, self-fulfilment as well as fun and action. It is therefore a practical and authentic product for the consumer market, as it appeals with its smart features and design directly to end consumers, retail and industry.