3D Customer Experience Innovation by Kastamonu Entegre

As one of the largest producers of wood based panel industry, Kastamonu Entegre introduced its “IDS – Interior Design Studio” digital platform to professionals and customers. In the scope of this project, which is a first in the world for the sector, the users found an opportunity to view all products on real time basis by 3D color chart whereas a 3D virtual showroom feature brings a real time product experience.

Considering innovation as an integral part of corporate culture, Kastamonu Entegre takes one step forward in this field by its digital platform titled “IDS – Interior Design Studio”. This project shines with its technological infrastructure enabling management from single point in entire digital imaging media.

IDS – Interior Design Studio” application is available free for mobile devices and this application combines various high quality and aesthetic products of Kastamonu Entegre. The system provides the users with access at anytime and anywhere when necessary and it includes detailed information on all products.


It is a platform, where users may obtain complete and accurate information about our products, containing many different interactive options that would help their decision-making processes.

It is an application offering the color chart of our products and the opportunities to evaluate the products and reshape the defined areas in virtual locations ; all together within a single application.

The application consists of three main parts ;

  • “3D VIRTUAL COLOR CHART”, allows you to see your selected products in 3D and change their decor, texture and technical details. You may see the selected material in 3D on the phone or tablet screen; and observe the reflection, brightness, opaqueness of the surface texture by means of zooming in or rotating at 360º on the touchscreen with your finger. You may also reach the technical details about the products and, ensure that the customers are accurately informed about the materials by means of promoting our products to anyone with a cell phone through the mobile application.
  • “3D VIRTUAL SHOWROOM (Ability to experience different products in selected 3D living spaces)” is a realistic simulation of living spaces where you may try your selected products in virtual locations and make changes in the way that you want. During your experience of “3D
  • VIRTUAL SHOWROOM”, you may see how the decors you have chosen look like, in a decorated location and, make any change you may want. In the three-dimension locations offered, you may walk around and, try out different decors and surface structures on the furniture and any surfaces you like. Kastamonu Entegre’s IDS – Interior Design Studio” project is distinguished with its virtual showroom feature. By this way, the users can make necessary adjustments.
  • “AUGMENTED REALITY SUPPORTED PRODUCT VIEWING IN A REAL LIVING SPACE” provides the product experience in real locations where you are able to view the products as if they were physically right there and, even change their decors and surface textures at the product library. The real and virtual world come together by capturing the Kastamonu Entegre logo with the help of a mobile device camera.