KASTAMONU Integrated, a division of HAYAT Holding, is among the top 10 world ranking companies. Recently, President of Republic of Turkey Abdullah Gül visited Kastamonu’s largest factory and Kastamonu Integrated has proudly presented their world class company.

President Abdullah Gül visited Kastamonu Integrated company’s factory in Kastamonu and became acquinted with Turkey’s largest firm in wood industry as well as one of the world’s top 10 companies. President Gül, Hayat Holding’s Chairman of the Board Yahya Kiğılı and the Head of Hayat Holding Tree Group Haluk Yıldız, together with Gül’s delegation visited the factory and got information about new investment plans.

Hayat Holding Tree Group President Haluk Yıldız presented information on the two main companies Hayat Chemistry and Kastamonu Integrated and their investment plans in the term of 2012-2013. Yıldız explained that Hayat Holding will complete the year 2012 with a total turnover of 2 billion 100 million dollars including 711 million dollars in overseas and 9 thousand 300 employees working in 17 factories. “We are proud to present our MDF factory in Kastamonu as Turkey’s and Europe’s largest and most modern facility. Your visit to the biggest investment ever made in our city Kastamonu has made us happy and proud. Our company that has been in the forest industry since 1969, is not only a leader in Turkey but also on its way to become a regional power in the world industry.” Yıldız said. He also described Kastamonu Integrated company as the largest panel producer of Turkey that started production with its establishment in 1969. He also said; “Kastamonu Integrated, ranking on the 52nd place in ISO500 list, has been the first and only company of the industry that has invested in various locations in Turkey as well as abroad. Being a leader company in exporting for many years, the company has a total of 13 factories in all over the world- 8 factories in Turkey ( two in Gebze and Kastamonu, one production facility in each cities as Balıkesir, Samsun, Tarsus, Adana) as well as 5 factories abroad (two manufacturing facility in Romania, one in Bulgaria, one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and another one in Russia). Kastamonu Integrated company has been operating in an area of 4 million square meter withinside 900 thousand square meters of covered production area. The company is the second big one in Europe with its production of door panel in Romania as well as the fourth one worldwide.”

Yıldız explained that Kastamonu Integrated company which employs a total of 4 thousand 700 people, has a total turnover of $ 1.1 billion including $ 249 million turnover abroad, in 2012.

Based on the information given by Haluk Yıldız, Kastamonu Integrated company has an investment of total $ 685 million during the period of 2012-2013. He explained that the company has made an investment of 130 million dollars by establishing a MDF factory in Adana in 2012 and another an investment of $ 120 million in June 2012 by completing the Romanian Chipboard Investment, and is planing to make an investment of $ 210 million for MDF in Russia and an investment of 160 million dollars for MDF in Bulgaria in the year 2013. He also mentioned that there will be an investment of 90 million dollars for the new factory in Kastamonu in order to increase the current capacity.

Yıldız has also provided information on Hayat Chemistry company which is a division of Hayat Holding that produces cleaning products. He said; “Hayat Chemistry company will complete the year 2012 with a success of $ 1 billion total turnover including 462 million dollars turnover abroad, and 4 thousand 600 persons employed.