A Design Hotel in Hamburg: Fontaney

Located directly on the banks of Lake Alster, the luxury hotel “The Fontenay” has a unique sculptural design resembling three interlocking circles, creating views of the lake and the downtown cityscape from most of the hotel’s rooms and suites, as well as its rooftop bar & terrace, gourmet restaurant, swimming pool and spa. Inspired by circles, the sculptural architecture of the building is mirrored in the interior room concept: the trapezoid layout with its curved walls, impressive panoramic façade and floor-to-ceiling windows creates liberating spaces, flooded with light. Opening up to these expansive views, nature becomes part of the hotel experience.


The Fontenay customized floor generates form the intuition of a grid of intertwined lines creates a wooden texture which moves away from the traditional shapes of wood flooring and acquires a new elegance. This especially bespoken wood floor geometry seems to be inspired by a diamond/crystal shape or a tridimensional cubistic period. The “white” French Oak is exclusively sourced by Margaritelli’s forests in Fontaines (Burgundy area).


In 1816, Hamburg-based shipbroker John Fontenay acquired a unique plot of land on the beautiful shores of the Alster lake in the heart of the city. Today, it is the site of THE FONTENAY Hotel. Lakeside Luxury at its best. THE FONTENAY is a reflection of modern Hamburg: open-minded, cosmopolitan and exceptionally welcoming. A homage to the Hanseatic city, the luxury hotel is tailor-made for the many national and international visitors who come to discover and rediscover Hamburg.


Hamburg-born star architect Jan Störmer titled his initial drawings ‘timelessly modern, modern classic’. His innovative sculptural design offers breathtaking views over the Alster from almost all 131 rooms and suites. In an interview with interior designer Christian Meinert (Aukett + Heese), he explains how they found the right turquoise: “The rooms’ base coat, the wardrobes’ bleached wood and the light-coloured parquet flooring need splashes of colour that don’t dominate or antagonise. The colours are based on the surroundings, lots of green, light and dark blue. People often perceive turquoise as being more blue or more green. The turquoise in the velvet on the beds’ headboards can look different depending on the fabrics nap direction, therefore responding to each person’s definition of this colour. “