As a part of Domotex Middle East Exhibition, BUILDING STRUCTURE AESTHETICS FORUM YES 2013 is getting to host an important event for the field of interior design on the 9th of November, 2013 at 2.30 pm in Istanbul Expo Center.

YES Forum 2013 and the seminar with the same concept of “Building Structure Aesthetics”, joint work of the three organizations Turkish Chamber of Interior Architects Istanbul Branch, Deutsche Messe Worldwide – Hannover Messe International Istanbul LTD ŞTİ and GET Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. LTD – ORSİAD Journal, will draw attention to the profession of interior architecture and important it’s that the job should be done by people with a university degree and professional skills.

For the sake of construction’s quality combined with aesthetic qualities, it’s important that the interior architect and designers should be involved at the earliest stage of the project. This forum YES 2013, which is planned to be a repeated event every year, will help the interior architecture profession to earn the respect and importance that it already deserves in the industry.

President of the Turkish Chamber of Interior Architects Istanbul Branch Taner Gültekin said; As you can already understand from the name itself ‘Interior Architecture’ is the form of art where aesthetic functions, colors and light meet with forms and shapes. In today’s rapidly developing construction industry, it’s sad to see that more attention is paid to the aesthetics of the outer structure. For this reason, most of the time, the living spaces are far away from the aesthetic and function. By pointing out the importance of this profession, it’ll be possible that our colleagues who have studied 4-5 years in college and graduated from Architectural and Design departments, will be able to follow up the important tasks and work together with others in harmony in order to reach the inner and outer structural adjustment with aesthetics in the construction business. Unfortunately,  sometimes the other professional groups in the construction industry, only think of the interior architeture limited with choosing the right wallpaper, paint or a complete placement of furniture, carpets and curtains. Other than all of these tasks, interior architects make it possible to reach the comfort in the living area while bringing the connection between human and objects with aesthetics, such as providing the most comfortable and stylish ambiance and living areas for children, elderly, disabled or obese people etc.”

YES 2013 Building Structure Aesthetics Forum which will take place in Istanbul’s CNR Expo Center as a part of the Domotex Middle East Expo, on 9th of November, 2013 at 2.30 pm is a free event and open to public and will take about 100 minutes.