AGT is Leading the Way in Exports for the Sector

AGT, with its national and international operations in furniture, decoration and construction, manufacturing MDF, Melamine Faced MDF, Panel, Profile, Flooring and Doors, is also differentiating itself from peers when it comes to exports. The firm is engaged in active marketing efforts abroad, in order to support local furniture manufacturing and design in our nation.

Founded in Antalya 32 years ago, and presently operating in over 60 countries over 5 continents, AGT actively markets in foreign markets to support local furniture manufacturing and design. The company is a leader in the sector, with 40% of its 500 Million TL in total sales last year achieved from exports. For 2016, AGT is proud to speed up its active marketing efforts abroad. Showrooms and offices opened up in Dubai, Iran and Istanbul, and the firm participated in fairs as well as other marketing efforts in over 30 countries, including the USA , UK and Canada, thereby retaining its leadership position. Wherever it operates, AGT also engages in training, and is presently training carpenters in several countries.



AGT, Sales and Marketing Group President Şirzat Subaşı, in his statement regarding exports, said, “Today, with products exported to all four corners of the globe, we are making a statement about our company’s and our nation’s strength in this sector. We believe it is crucial to stand out, not just in terms of sheer quantity, but likewise with quality, and improve our brand recognition. Therefore, AGT is identified as the generic brand in several nations where we have been operating for several years. We are carrying our flag by carrying out crucial tasks abroad aimed at strengthening the brand image of the Turkish furniture sector. We have finished the prior year with exports figures that beat our targets. With our exports so far in 2016, we are contributing to the branding of Turkish furniture sector.