Schattdecor Unveils ‘One Source, Unlimited Solutions’ at Dubai Wood Show

 At the Dubai Wood Show 2024, Schattdecor introduced fresh and inspiring solutions to the industry with its new concept, “Freiraum”, affirming that “Anything is possible now!”.

Schattdecor, showcasing its “Freiraum” concept at the Dubai Wood Show 2024 hosted in March at the Dubai World Trade Centre, embodies a vision of limitless creativity. With “Freiraum”, which transcends conventional confines and embodies the essence of free space, Schattdecor delivers a resounding message to fair attendees: “Anything is Possible Now!”. This ethos underscores the company’s commitment to offering limitless opportunities for the evolution of the sector, paving the way for a future defined by innovation and unrestricted imagination.

Since its inception in 2005, the Dubai Wood Show has remained a beacon of excellence, attracting a diverse array of esteemed visitors from across the globe. This year’s iteration proved no exception, with wood professionals converging under one roof to partake in an unparalleled exchange of knowledge and expertise. Beyond facilitating interactions with industry luminaries, this platform served as a gateway to exclusive business prospects, showcasing the immense potential inherent in collaborations forged amidst the dynamic ambiance of the wood show.

Among the standout exhibitors gracing the event, Schattdecor emerged as a veritable highlight, captivating attendees with its captivating presence. Nestled within Hall 586, Stand B-09, Schattdecor extended a warm welcome to visitors, showcasing its enduring commitment to excellence through the mission “One Source. Unlimited Solutions.”. With unwavering dedication, Schattdecor reaffirmed its mission to furnish customers in the woodworking products sector with superlative decors and surfaces, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Endless Design Opportunities

Schattdecor’s ethos of “Anything is Possible Now!” ushered visitors into an atmosphere of boundless freedom, where endless design opportunities unfold. This approach underscores the company’s belief in the contemporary individual’s ability to creatively address the challenges of their time and respond to evolving trends when crafting living spaces.


With Schattdecor’s “Freiraum” concept, which promises limitless freedom, the boundaries between different living spaces dissolve, paving the way for seamless transitions and universally appealing designs. Moreover, the theme of nature emerges as a significant design element within interiors, fostering a preference for natural, organic materials and forms, and imbuing spaces with an inviting aesthetic.

At the Dubai Wood Show 2024, Schattdecor not only captivated attention with its “Freiraum” concept, offering boundless opportunities for creativity and innovation, but also served as a beacon of inspiration for all attendees by delivering sophisticated solutions in decor development, application technology, and trend consultancy.






Schattdecor boasts a robust and cohesive organization comprising 3,000 employees representing 29 different nationalities across 17 global locations. With a unified structure centered around collective expertise and a shared vision, the company upholds its mission of “One Source. Unlimited Solutions.”, underscoring its unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier decors and surfaces to customers within the woodworking products sector. Driven by a mission to make a significant global impact, Schattdecor maintains stringent production standards across all facilities under the esteemed “Made by Schattdecor” quality seal. The company’s overarching objective is to not only inspire but also surpass customer expectations by offering sophisticated solutions in decor development, application technology, and trend consulting. For further insights, please visit the official company website at



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